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Kazeraida MC
Locations: Weston
Rin Copse
Leader: Unknown
Type: Japanese-American Outlaw Motorcycle Club
Enemies: Open/Close MC
South Aiden Pork Rangers
Affiliations: Heartworks Mob
Colors: None
Vehicles: Angel
Weapons: Heavy Pistol
Assault SMG
Advanced Rifle
Businesses: Vehicle Trafficking
Drug Trafficking/Dealing
Fronts: Kazeraida MC Clubhouse

The Kazeraida MC is a recent Outlaw Motorcycle Club situated in the City of Heartworks.



Kazeraida is Japanese for Wind Rider.


The Kazeraida MC mainly operates in Weston and Rin Copse of Heartworks and are the only Biker gang that gets along with the Mob primarily due to the fact that the gang was recently created. Despite this; they were able to make enemies with the Open/Close Bikers and South Aiden Pork Rangers. They mainly ride around on Angels, Zombie, and Baggers with the saddles on the Bagger removed and a paintjob of the Japanese flag on the choppers.

Despite being a biker gang; they often steal vehicles such as the Deluxo in order to sell as parts or use them to trafficking their products.

Mission appearance


  • Dairu Gamaruto (ダイル ガマルト) - MC President
  • Shinamaru Gamaruto (シナマル ガマルト) - Vice President