Kevin Cameron (TGMP)
The Mystery Man
Biographical information
Full name Kevin Benjamin Cameron
Known aliases 'Michael Smith'
Born May 6th, 1930
Citizenship British-American
Family Mike Cameron (brother)

Carl Jackson (son)
John Mills (adopted son)
Peter Mills (adopted son)
Diana Cameron (daughter)
Phillip Cameron (son)

Physical description
Hair Silver
Eyes Green (brown contact lenses)
Career information
Occupation CEO
Other information
"I made you, I brought you back from the dead!"
―Kevin to his son.

Kevin Benjamin Cameron is the British-American CEO and founder of Cautcian Enterprises Inc., a very successful multinational conglomerate holding company located in Star Junction. Cameron is listed #1 on the "The World's Billionaires List" with a net worth of $934.3 billion, making him the world's most wealthiest. He is an antagonist character in the upcoming game GTA: The General Mills' Project by Rockstar Games and Rockstar North.

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