Killing For JOY is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone, and the final mission in Chapter I.


After seriously weakening the Las Tormentas' JOY business, Tommy Montana is called by Randall Jones to discuss buying $200,000 of the drug from the Tormentas and then sell it for more. Initially, Tommy disagrees, but Randall explains that the Tormentas want to make peace with the Jones Crime Family, and that the Tormentas are too weak now to laucn any attack. Tommy still disagrees, but ends up going, due to the anger displayed by Randall. The cash is in a briefcase, which is with Mark Valve. When Tommy reaches Mark, they take the briefcase to a small warehouse in North Hamilton.

When they reach the warehouse, the two immediately suspect something as a large number of armed Tormentas are guarding the warehouse and surrounding area. Mark speaks to one of the guards, who leads the way through the warehouse to the JOY dealer. Tommy presents the money to the dealer, when suddenly a police sniper tries to shoot Tommy, but misses and hits the money. Everyone sees the sniper and the Tormentas think Tommy and Mark set them up and vice versa. Then, several Police Mavericks circle the building. And several members of the Narcotics Squad enter with Colt MA41s, angrily, Mark pulls a gun towards the dealer's head, shooting him through the eye and instantly killing him. The police open fire at both parties, and the Tormentas begin shooting at Tommy & Mark. Then Tommy shoots his way out of there with Tommy and finds a vehicle. And the two drive back to  the safehouse after evading a three-star wanted level. With no money or JOY, Mark reports this back to the Jones Brothers.