Kirk O'Hara & Danny North
Appearance(s): Los Santos Chronicles - Deadly Discords
Also known as: Captain Conscience (Kirk) & Narco the Wonder Boy (Danny)
Status: Kirk (Alive)
Danny (Deceased)
Gender: Males
Date of birth: 1970 (Kirk)
1980 (Danny)
Date of death: 2014 (Danny/Age 34)
Home: Los Santos, San Andreas
Nationality: Americans
Main affiliation: Los Santos Police Department
Penelope Cash
Vehicle(s): Unmarked Cruiser
Businesses: Police captain (Kirk)
Police sergant (Danny)
Kirk: "As I always say; The best way to fight outlaws.."
Danny: " by being one."
―Kirk O'Hara & Danny North

Kirk O'Hara and Danny North are two corrupt LSPD narcotics detectives who appear as main characters and secondary antagonists in Los Santos Chronicles - Deadly Discords.


Kirk started as a patrol officer in the city of Davis. He's known Penelope Cash and her brothers since their childhood. Many years after, Kirk became part of the LSPD Gang and Narcotics Division. However, he became crooked, often taking bribes and discreetly taking drug money and illegal substances.

Danny is Kirk's partner in crime and a fellow detective. Danny became a narcotics detective early in his career and, being an imbecile thug, was easily manipulated to become Kirk's assistant.

Events in Deadly Discords

In 2014, Kirk contacts Penelope Cash and forces her to work for him and Danny. In return, Kirk will make sure her brothers won't end up in jail or worse.

They order Penelope to kill a notorious drug dealer Clay Hingle, destroy drug vans belonging to the Families and steal a dossier containing evidence of their corruption from the FIB. The dossier is revealed to be fake though, so Penelope has to steal the real one later as well.

As Kirk and Danny started to gain more and more heat, Danny wants to get rid of the witnesses, meaning killing Penelope. O'Hara and North summon Penelope to Raton Canyon and knock her out. Kirk suggests they throw her into the river and so they do. Penelope resuscitates in the water, gets onshore and kills Danny in revenge.

After Danny's demise, the heat goes down and Kirk returns the favor by revealing Penelope the location of Waylon Rosenthal, her nemesis. During their confrontation, Waylon claims he is Penelope's long-lost father. She doesn't believe him, but after killing Waylon, asks does Kirk know anything about it. Kirk says laconically; "It's too late to explore that story".


Kirk is calm and manipulative and isn't easily angered. He's the clear leader of the duo.

Danny is a gritty, bad mannered, racist wannabe tough guy, whom Kirk tries to keep on a leash. Danny's sadistic behavior eventually leads to his doom.

Mission Appearances

Deadly Discords 

  • Pedal To the Metal
  • For Greater Good (Bosses)
  • Shades of Grey (Bosses)
  • Say No To Drugs (Bosses)
  • Air Pockets (Bosses)
  • Misunderstandings (Bosses/Danny is killed)
  • It Ain't Over Till he Fat Lady Sings (Kirk only)


  • Kirk was initially the main antagonist of Deadly Discords, getting killed as well.
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