Klaus Laughton
Appearance(s): GTA: North Yankton Stories
Also known as: Uncle Klaus
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1972
Place of birth: Ludendorff
Date of death: Spring 2013 (Age 41)
Nationality: Canadian
Family: Nikki Laughton (Sister), Wayne Laughton (Father), Janice Laughton (Mother, Deceased)
Main affiliation: Tommy Bell, Saunders Strip Club
Vehicle(s): Brown Youga
Businesses: Pimping
"It's adorable how you're trying to be a hero in the world of villains".

- Klaus Laughton to Tommy Bell

Klaus Laughton is a character in Grand Theft Auto series of video games, who appears as the secondary antagonist in GTA: North Yankton Stories. Klaus is a local whoremonger in the city of Ludendorff, North Yankton and (almost) Tommy Bell's brother-in-law.


Klaus was born in Crystal Lake, North Yankton in 1972 for Wayne and Janice Laughton. 12 years before his sister Nikki. Both siblings lived in a good family, but when Klaus got in a bad debt at the age of 25, he chose pimping as his occupation.

He now lives in Ludendorff and runs his business mainly at the strip club Saunders. He and his sister Nikki have a difficult relationship, and Klaus has many times tried to get her to work as one of his prostitutes, but even a little bit suggesting gets him in trouble with Nikki's fiancé Tommy.

Events in North Yankton Stories

Klaus is seen early in the game teasing Nikki and Tommy.

Later, he puts Tommy to do some of his dirty work to decrease the competition in Ludendorff. Tommy accepts, hoping Klaus will leave Nikki alone.

Forlorn hope. After receiving a call from Nikki, telling that Klaus has been acting very violently towards her, Tommy heads to have a talk with Klaus. He then witnesses Klaus beating up Nikki in front of her house, enraging Tommy. Klaus tries to reason him, but Tommy has had enough of annoying brother-in-laws.

A chase ensues, ending up with the death of Klaus. Even though Nikki didn't like her brother, she asks Tommy to be alone for some time.

Mission Appearances

North Yankton Stories

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