David: "Knock knock"

Alex: "Who the fuck is there?"

David: "It a surprise"

Alex: "Surprise?wait,what is this jo-"

David: "Surprise motherfucker!"

-David breaking into Alex's apartment.

Knock Knock is the sixth storyline of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protaganist David Hudson by Krank Linton from his mansion in Moneyside Hill.

Location: Krank's Mansion, Moneyside Hill, Luken

For: Krank Linton

Rewards: $350

Unlock: Chasing The Spies

Unlock by: Tank Rampage

Mission Description

David go to Krank's mansion after getting a call from him. He meet Krank in his living room and explain that there are some spies in the Mafia sent by The Hoodies. He order David to go to Quine,to catch one of the spies. Alex,he live in the same apartment as David. David head to the apartment to catch Alex.


You need to go the apartment in Quine. After you arrive with a car,search for the room 357,the number is written in front of the door. After breaking in,fight Alex with your fist and make sure don't kill him. After you knock him out,tied him up with a tape found in the house and bring him to the car and put him in the trunks. Call Krank and tell you got Alex. Afterwards,go back to the mansion and Krank say thank you for the help. He bring Alex to the mansion after giving you the reward and the mission in complete.


  • Search for a car.
  • Go to the apartment.
  • Search for room 357.
  • Knock out Alex.
  • Search for a tape in the house and tied Alex up.
  • Bring him to the car and put him in the trunks.
  • Call Krank.
  • Go back to the mansion.

Post-Mission Call

Krank: Hey David my boy,I gotta some work for you. Come to my mansion.

David: Yeah whatever.


The mission Chasing The Spies is unlock.

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