Las Venturas
Appearance(s): The After Dark Scene
Mayor: Clark Goodman
Population: 696,424
Established: May 15, 1905
Country: United States of America
State: Robada
Motto: "Your Venturas is showing"

Las Venturas, the City of Sin, is the land of prostitution, pornography, go-go bars, sex shops, sex shows, squeegee men, strip clubs, clubbing, drugs, and organized crime. The state has a reputation for being "wide open", with gambling and a well-developed "red light district". This is the main setting for The After Dark Scene, a doctrinaire account of a high life and low standards. Las Venturas got its name from the Spanish word for 'Luck', which of course is very fitting for a city where chance plays an important role.

The city was established in the 1930's by gangsters from Los Santos and corporates from the presidency. The settlement sprouted into the largest gambling city in the world, including big hotels, neon lighting, wedding chapels and much more. Annually, more than 40 million tourists from the whole world visit this sinful city, in search of their big break.


There are more than 300 gangs represented in and around Las Venturas. Law enforcement agencies, school officials, city leaders, and various groups and organizations have been working hard to stop gang violence through intervention and prevention.


The vision of the Las Venturas Police Department is for Las Venturas to be the safest community in America. They wholeheartedly embrace our mission to protect the community through prevention, partnership, and professional service.


Las Venturas is artlessly famous from the large casinos along The Strip. Along these broad roads are Caligula's Palace, Come-A-Lot, Pirates in Men's Pants, Royal Casino, Camel's Toe, Clown's Pocket, Starfish Casino, Four Dragons Casino, High Roller, Pink Swan and The Visage. On the northern end is the Old Venturas Strip, where the older casinos and the V-Rock Hotel are located. The very first casino, The Casino, is found in Redsands.

Caligula's Palace


Pirates in Men's Pants

Royal Casino

The Royal Casino is located along The Strip between The Camel's Toe and Caligula's Palace. Owned by Andrew Lawton, the casino reopened out of the remains of a lesser known one in 1992. It remains the only casino that doesn't charge a resort fee.

Camel's Toe

Clown's Pocket

Starfish Casino

Four Dragons Casino

High Roller

Pink Swan

The Pink Swan is a casino located along The Strip between The Four Dragons Casino and The High Roller. The 15-acre (6.1 ha) site's architectural theme is reminiscent of the Art Deco and Streamline Moderne style of Miami, with a garden courtyard housing a wildlife habitat of pink-dye Swan. It was the third resort to open on the Strip, and it is the oldest resort on the Strip still in operation today. The players may book multi-day stays from $250 to $750.


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