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The following page lists the activities available in Light & Shadow. Activities can be done around Vice City outside missions. Some of the following are also incorporated with the in-game friendships feature.

Air Hockey

A basic tabletop mini-game involves two players. 

Arcade Games

Player can find arcade-style video games in North Point Mall and some places in Ocean Drive. Play a variety of games including the classic QUB3D and Degenatron.

Bike Races


Boat Races



"The developer realized that removing this mini-game in Grand Theft Auto V was a mistake."
―Fans' comments



Watch movies in theater or enjoy magic attraction, stand-up comedies, opera, and musical shows around the city.


"A healthier race, a healthier competition."
―Manual description


This game available in various bar across the city.




Player can plays Hi-Lo, Three Card Poker, and Blackjack with their friends or random opponents. Some places and the Circus Casino provide more variations of gambling game like Craps, Texas Holdem Poker, Roulette, Slot Machines, and Wheel of Fortunes. The Inside Track is also featured in the game, but unplayable.


Play in golf courses around Vice City.



Scuba diving

Player can explore the underwater oceans. The mechanics remain the same, player can breath longer underwater when equip breathing apparatus, and there is a depth limit which damages player when crossed it.

The ocean environment in Light & Shadow is more detailed, with shipwrecks from different eras to underwater caves.

Shooting range

Available in both Ammu-Nation and Underground Gun Shops, shooting range challenges allow player to test and increase their skill in firearms.

Street race

"Earn Cash, not Kudos"
―Motto remain the same as in 1986.
After completing mission "_", player can contacts _ and pay some fee to participate in car races around Vice City. This races are only accessible at night. Police can intervene the race sometimes, making it more challenging.

Strip Clubs

There are three accessible "adult entertainment" in the city, each offering different pleasure: Royal's (ONE Gentlemen's Club), _ (FOXXY Lady Cabaret), and Horizon Club (interior based on King of Diamonds, but set in different location). The game features full interactivity like in GTA V, but only Andrea who has the ability of booty call.

Players can still enter the clubs as Maria. She can enjoys the bar and public shows, but unable to enter the private room.




No jokes, you can now play this "O" and "X" thing while bored. The AI is not as suck as in real-life internet where they basically impossible to defeat.



Beta Activities

  • Fishing - Players used to be able to use fishing rod to catch fishes. Just like Red Dead Redemption II, there are various species of fish featured.


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