This page list all characters that appears in Light & Shadow along with their actor/actress.


For the second time consecutively, the game features three main protagonists. Many fans and media connects it to some American sitcom and many other films and games that also has the concept of two guys and a girl. The developers denies it immediately.

L&S ThomasKingston
Thomas Kingston

Thomas Kingston , a young professional con-artist employed by _. Used to be famous in the underworld until his friend betrays him. Forced to return to his old daily life, Thomas optimistically starts a comeback. The betrayal changes his life, becoming someone more manipulative that hides behind his charismatic persona of someone who just enjoys the city typical nightlife. His ambition sometimes hampered by the others and he has no fear to put them down.
Voiced and portrayed by Freddie Thorp

L&S MariaVinogradova
Maria Vinogradova

Next is Maria Vinogradova (Russian: Мария Виноградова), a young Russian freelance contract killer raised within the Russian criminals back in Liberty City. Infamous for her "slowly strategy" by made her target fell down into depression first. After made a name in her home city, she moves to Vice City recently to met her father partner who needs a helping hand. A woman full of curiosity that leads her to more desire to kill "people who deserve to die". Has an innocent blank appearance of a typical Russian women, but with an arrogant, cold-blooded, and ill-mannered as her negative traits as a killer. Above all of this complicated traits, Maria is a friendly and protective girl for the one who close to her.  
Voiced and portrayed by Aleksandra Bortich

L&S AndreaAcconcia
Andrea Acconcia

Last but not least is Andrea Acconcia , a corrupt private investigator, interrogator and informant for the Tacconi Family from Sicily along with his twin brother Fabio. His main job is to manipulate his clients whose afflianted with Tacconi rivals and solves smaller problems that regarding the law. Andrea enjoyed his job as a crooked detective more than the job's profit itself, caused him to took many risks to work with multiple groups during the course of the story. Regarded by his friends as a honest, polite, and humorous stereotype Italian men; and a shifty and serious "mad man" for his enemies. Most secretive while having a wide knowledge about the underworld. 
Voiced and portrayed by Raoul Bova

Central Characters

L&S EdissonKingston
Edisson Kingston

Thomas lives with his father Edisson Kingston . Apart from his job as an professional street photographer, he once served as US Soldier in Vietnam in contrast to Thomas life as a grifter. Edisson has a sour relationship with Thomas with his cold attitude and over-patriotism. The father somewhat know his son was a criminal and hold the secret as he keeps an eyes on him all the time with a trusted friend.
Portrayed by Anders Petersen and voiced by Maurice Byrne

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Thomas childhood friend Harold , a younger street arms dealer with a dark past also sharing a same dream to make a name. He eventually forms his own youth-based street gang called The Ironside with kids around the street.
Voiced and portrayed by Connor Cruise

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Nikolai Kirikov

Maria currently lives with Nikolai Kirikov , Head of the Kirikov Bratva, once a good friend of her father back in Liberty City. Known as the one who teaches her with protection, that lead her as an assassin rather than what Nikolai wish. Tried to create a new reputation and get rid of his dark past with Dima and other tragical stuff. Maria's father trusted him to protect her before and now he wanted to continue his promises in Vice City.
Voiced and portrayed by Timofey Tribuntsev

L&S Fabio
Fabio Acconcia

Fabio Acconcia is Andrea twin brother, a loyal made-man of Tacconi Crime Family. As a sibling, both usually tasked on a mafia dirty job together and has a strong bond, Andrea as the brain while Fabio as the brawl. Fabio sometimes gets into many trouble and needs his brother help, usually caused a small quarrel between them. An American dreamer who always keeps his image as an elegant gunmen.
Voiced and portrayed by Antonio Cupo

L&S Charles
Charles Koch

Concatenatio advisor Charles Koch is an expert in combat operation and second in-command of British Firms. Someone whose lucky enough to be in the middle of four of the most powerful figure in Vice City underworld as their mediator. However, he's soon revealed as a power-hungry slick who wanted to take the alliances for himself. Charles somehow hires the protagonists before and after they met each other.
Voiced and portrayed by David Oyelowo

Main Characters

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Moise Simeon

Moise Simeon is a lieutenant (capo equivalent) in the Haitian gang. _.
Voiced and portrayed by Edi Gathegi

L&S JanDaniels
Jan Daniels

Corrupt owner of the Searows Tour Guide company. Recruit Thomas, Pyotr, and other skilled street scammers to scam tourists around Vice City.
Voiced and portrayed by Ben Cotton


  • Emmelie Calvin (Esodie Geige) — A professional hacker with mission to stop other "bad" hackers and keeping the city's network safe.
  • The Curator (Leo Bill) — A mysterious man similar The Fixer, but with no fear to meet face to face. The Curator travel across America, hiring assassin, and seems to knows everything about them as he reward the one he hired with some secret they need. True motive unknown.



  • Lawrence Ford

Supporting Characters

  • Alexis Perez (Al Galvez) — Thomas friend who betrays him during the new year tragedy.
  • Zachary Baptist — The head of the Haitian gang
  • Earl "Eugene" Livingstone (James Bay) — Good friend of Edisson and a former officer of VCPD, a hipster and writer who interested to write a story about the underworld by get into it. Tasked by Edisson to secretly keep an eye on his son.
  • Derrick O'Donnell (John Doman)


  • Pyotr Stoyanovich (Miloš Biković) — A fellow Russian contract killer now working under Kirikov Mafiya, also works for Jan as his enforcer for his "exclusive dirty works". A romantic tryhard who has crush on Maria, much with her dislikes.
  • August Calvin (Nadji Jeter) — Emmelie younger brother, a street graffiti artist live in Little Haiti.


  • Mark Mondale (Fred Koehler) — A junior police officer and one of Andrea acquaintance in the VCPD. As a new recruit, he is very curious and nervous.

Minor Characters

  • Jack Albrighton — Jess brother, also a con-artist like Thomas and his main partner in setup a long-con.
  • James Maxwell — FIB agent, host of The Underbelly of Paradise: Vice City TV show.
  • Jess Albrighton (Merissa Porter) — Thomas campus mate and ex-girlfriend, split after her brother killed.

Characters from Previous Games

L&S does not features any returning characters from previous HD Universe games, but many characters and events from previous game are mentioned in the story.

  • Avon Hertz — Mentioned as a "mad technophile billionaire" and conspiracy theorist who believes that the Russian attempts to infiltrate a nuclear base in Los Santos. Owns several business in Vice City.
  • Harvey Noto — Mentioned various time by Maurice, don of powerful mafia in Liberty City that expand his wing to Vice City. Maurice said that despite he know the Tacconi, he never recognize the don and doesn't know his name.
  • Jerry Kapowitz — Mentioned as a lucky "diamond" guy from Liberty City whose own various business around Vice City. None of the main characters know what exactly the business he's ran was.