This page list all characters that appears in Light & Shadow along with their respective actor/actress.

As the game story mostly focused on the protagonists personal story, the list organized into each of their arc.

The Chess Player

L&S ProtagonistThomas

Thomas Kingston

Thomas Kingston (Freddie Thorp) is a professional young grifter who hides behind a charismatic persona, a skilled musician and a random man who enjoy the city nightlife.

Apart from his "extra" pickpocketing and sleight of hand magic skill, Thomas was an intelligent long cons planner who puts together complicated and seemingly unrelated events. Thomas makes money mostly by deceit people and prefer to pacify them once everything done, although sometimes need to kill them and insists he is "not a killer" so nobody can blamed him for deaths.

The Silencer

L&S ProtagonistMaria

Maria Vinogradova

Maria Vinogradova (Aleksandra Bortich) is a young Russian-American hitwoman and grifter, whose manipulates her targets by her different identities and innocence acting.

A woman full of curiosity driven by desire to kill "people who deserve to die". Despite her usual calm nature, her skill made her arrogant and cold-blooded. Above all of this complicated traits, Maria is a friendly and protective girl, shown as the most caring and heartwarming among the three.

The Lawman

L&S ProtagonistAndrea

Andrea Acconcia

Last but not least is Andrea Acconcia (Raoul Bova), a corrupt private investigator and informant worked for the Tacconi Family from Sicily along with his twin brother Fabio. His main job is to maintain the Tacconi from any law related threat with his profession as detective and forger, disguised as other law enforcement agent such as FIB agent.

A polite and romantic Italian man. Known for being very humorous, but tend to turn very serious and focus in certain situation.

  • Fabio Acconcia (Antonio Cupo) – Andrea twin brother, a loyal made-man of Tacconi Crime Family. As a sibling, both usually tasked on a mafia dirty job together and has a strong bond, Andrea as the brain while Fabio as the brawl. Fabio sometimes gets into many trouble and needs his brother help, usually caused a small quarrel between them. An american dreamer who always keeps his image as an elegant gunmen.
  • Maurice Tacconi (Fabrizio Bentivoglio) – As the last descendant of the Tacconi Crime Family, Maurice hold the responsibility to led the family as the don. As time passed by, he believes that he is destined to live in the last days of Italian mafia reign.
  • Stuart Walker (Joe Dempsie) – an English writer who studied criminologist before ironically attracted to the crime world itself.
  • Alessandro Vivaldi

Other Characters

  • Charles Geffrard (David Oyelowo) – Concatenatio advisor of Haitian descent. Someone whose lucky enough to be the middle of the most prominent company in Vice City underworld.
  • Sammy Rodriguez (Danny Pino) – An investigative journalist looking for a breakthrough scoop to expand his career.  


  • Edisson (Jared Harris) – Thomas father was a retired soldier and history teacher who spent his old day as a street photographer. Edisson has a sour relationship with Thomas with his cold attitude and over-patriotism, a personality he maintain even after Thomas faked his death.
  • Earl Livingstone (James Bay) – A hipster and writer who interested to write a story about the underworld by get into it.


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