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For the second time consecutively after Grand Theft Auto V, the game features three main protagonists.

Thomas Kingston (Freddie Thorp) is a grifter who hides behind a charismatic persona, a musician and a random man who enjoys the city nightlife. Apart from his "extra" pickpocketing and sleight of hand magic skill, Thomas was an intelligent long cons planner who puts together complicated and seemingly unrelated events. Thomas makes money mostly by deceit people and prefer to pacify them once everything done, although sometimes need to kill them and insists he is "not a killer" so nobody can blamed him for deaths.

Maria Vinogradova (Aleksandra Bortich) is a young Russian-American hitwoman from Liberty City, who manipulates her targets by her different identities and acting. A woman full of curiosity driven by desire to kill "people who deserve to die". Despite her usual calm nature, her skill made her arrogant and cold-blooded. Above all of this complicated traits, Maria is a friendly and protective girl, shown as the most caring and heartwarming among the three.

Last but not least is Andrea Acconcia (Raoul Bova), a corrupt private investigator and informant worked for the Tacconi Family from Sicily. His main job is to maintain the Tacconi from any law related threat with his profession as detective and forger, disguised as other law enforcement agent such as FIB agent. A polite and romantic Italian man. Known for his humorous personality, but tend to turn very serious and focus in certain situation.


Hector Vera (Oscar Isaac) is a businessman from Central America. He had been scammed by "The Network" to get rid of Tacconi Crime Family and finance their operations. Later on, he was forced to involve in various crime for sustenan

Wendell Alridge (Edi Gathegi) is a Cuban hitman working for The Curator. He had living as street hustler with Cuban street gang Los Cabrones before he became an assassin. Despite hating his old gang life, Wendell still cares about his family and community in Little Havana, and supports them with his money.

Fabio Acconcia (Antonio Cupo) is Andrea's twin brother. He used to be an enforcer for Tacconi Family until he left them to became a freelance hired gun. As a sibling, the family usually paired him and Andrea for a mission. An optimistic american dreamer, Fabio wants to achieves something bigger. However, his carelessness makes him fall into many trouble and relies in Andrea to save him.


L&S Rodrigo

Rodrigo Fernandez

Rodrigo Fernandez (Álvaro Morte) is an ambitious member of Colombian Céntrico Cartel. Prior to his arrival in Vice City, He had a long history of criminal career in South America. Determined to get more, he ended his works for the cartel and begin to build his own organization. He takes the chance to do so when finds "The Network" plans and strives to creates his empire out of them once he destroys them.

Throughout the main story, Rodrigo crosses paths with the protagonists multiple time and trying to be the first to destroy "The Network" before them.

If player choose the "Continue" ending, the protagonists will clash with him. Alternatively in "Abandon" ending, he will be driven out from the city, while the protagonists will fight against each of their secondary antagonists:

Secondary Antagonists

Felipe Da Silva (Maurício Destri) is the socialite son of Da Silva Enterprises's leader Francis, and serves as their underboss. He aims to get rid of his father to get the top position to refines "The Network" plans.

Nikolai Kirikov (Timofey Tribuntsev) is the founder and leader of the Kirikov Bratva. He came from Liberty City and has a close relationship to Maria: as her mentor in the past and a good friend of her father.

Giuseppe Romagnoli (Michael Imperioli) is the underdon of Tacconi Family who later succeed Maurice as the don after his retirement. He looks forward to rebuild the family to guise his desire in drug business. He betrays Andrea by sending him to kill Maurice, who he falsely accused for being a drug user.

Main Characters

L&S JanDaniels
Jan Daniels

Jan Daniels (Ben Cotton) is Felipe's treasurer. Not-so-proficient with his job and rather awkward in personality.

L&S Cyrus
Cyrus Forsell

Cyrus Forsell (Patrick Heusinger) is a more expert con-man who assists Thomas with his "more professional" works with Felipe and the enterprises. The two become a good friends until Thomas obeys Felipe's order to kills his friend. Cyrus blames him for betraying him and tries to kill him afterwards.

L&S Laura
Laura Mortes

Laura Mortes (Eiza González) is a member of Mexican Ocean Cartel and the daughter of one of the cartel high-rank member. She dreams to become a major figure in Vice City underworld, which she tried to achieve by working for Rodrigo Fernandez as his insider.

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Tobias Levy

Tobias Levy (_.) is a high-rank member of Kirikov Bratva, acting as the leader of a hit-squad specialized in hiding "The Network" plans.

L&S TheCurator
The Curator

The Curator (Leo Bill) is a secretive assassin contractor similar to The Fixer, but with no fear to meet face to face despite refusing to leave his office. He knows the problem "The Network" could make and intensively sends his employee to prevent their plans.

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Mark Rotterdam

Mark Rotterdam (Tom Burke) is The Curator's favorite employee.

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Emily Kirikova

Emily Kirikova (_.) is Nikolai's adopted daughter. She is a student in Bay of Vizcaíno Campus

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Sammy Rodríguez

Sammy Rodríguez (Danny Pino) is an investigative journalist who investigating the trio long-con against "The Network". He wants to use his intel on them as his breakthrough scoop to expand his career. After the trio finds Sammy, he agrees to assist them.

L&S Maurice2
Maurice Tacconi

Maurice Tacconi (Fabrizio Bentivoglio) is the last descendant and don of the Tacconi Crime Family. Maurice is a pessimistic leader as he believes that he is born too late to witness Italian Mafia glory days and rather, watching his family's decline.

L&S Alessandro2
Alessandro Vivaldi

Alessandro Vivaldi (Claudio Cupellini) is the founder and leader of Concatenatio.

L&S Francesca2
Francesca Verhoeven

Francesca Verhoeven (Astrid Whettnall) is a Belgian lawyer who works for Concatenatio and act as their advisor (replacing Charles). In addition to manage the company legality, she also tasked to hide "The Network" activities from officials, and bribes them if needed.

L&S Charles
Charles Geffrard

Charles Geffrard (David Oyelowo) is a Haitian law advisor and former consultant for the bosses of Concatenatio. He was fired from the company after disdained his superiors' plan for "The Network".

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Lawrence Ford

Lawrence Ford (Keith Carradine) is a corrupt Federal Bureau Investigation (FIB) executive. He calls himself a "good person" who uses his power and position to help criminals by erasing their crime evidences. In the story, he crosses path with the trio while he investigating "The Network" and Fabio Acconcia.

Supporting Characters

  • Yuri – Nikolai's butler.
  • Francis Da Silva – Felipe's father. Unaware that his son has joined "The Network".
  • Stuart Walker – Alessandro's assistant.
  • Alvaro Jiménez – A major drug baron of Mexican Ocean Cartel division in Vice City. He wants "The Network" to get rid of Céntrico Cartel, so they can control the city drug network.


  • Edisson (Jared Harris) – Thomas father was a retired soldier and history teacher who spent his old day as a street photographer. Edisson has a sour relationship with Thomas with his cold attitude and over-patriotism, a personality he maintain even after Thomas faked his death.
  • Earl Livingstone (James Bay) – A hipster and writer who interested to write a story about the underworld by get into it.


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