Light & Shadow re-introduces the friendship mechanics as an activity. Unlike in Grand Theft Auto IV, only player can propose and invite a friend for hang out, not the opposite. Abandoning a friend for a long time does not alter his/her relationship, as the "likes" percentage does not featured in the game.

The player can invites a friend for a hangout whenever they met them in free-roam or via their smartphone's TexTalk app. If the latter option chosen, the player needs to pick up their friend first. If the player does not pick their friend up for a long time, the friend will automatically cancel the meeting.


Each protagonist has their own set of friends to hang out with, and several are also shared with other protagonists. The only possible combinations for three characters hanging out at one time is Thomas, Maria, and Andrea.


  • Eating – This can be done in various restaurants and café around Vice City.
  • Drinking 
  • Bowling 
  • Cinema/Show
  • Gambling
  • Air Hockey
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • Pool
  • Tennis

The following activities are only available if the player hangs with a fellow protagonist(s):

  • Bike/Car Race – Player can choose one of various custom tracks around the map and number of laps in the race (up to three). Each character's personal vehicle will be used in this activity.
  • Shooting Game – In this activity, the player and his/her friend(s) will compete in scoring the most in a shooting range.

Random Events

The following random events has a chance to occur during a friendship activity:

  • Bar Fight
  • Mugging
  • Store Robbery





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