"We all know American underworld’s reputation. As the land of opportunity, United States is the home of various crime syndicates from Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, all parts of the world whose expand their business with their ‘American dream’. A single city was known as the central of all crimes, the home of most professional crimelords, the bridge between drug cartels in the south and customers in the north. A city with a very contrast life between the luxurious and relaxing tourism place to the widest yet darkest underworld. This is Vice City”"
―Trailer #2
In Light & Shadow, the developer aims to create a more diverse variety of gangs each with unique background, business, and members.

Vice City known as the home of a several diverse professional and notorious crime syndicates since the 80s . Latin American cartels use Vice City as main hub to distribute their drugs to customers in North America and Europe.

Peace Treaty

In order to maintain "The Bridge" network without intervene the polices for further conflict, the four most powerful gang: Colombian Céntricio Cartel, Tacconi Crime Family, Israeli Mob, and the Fisherman Society comes into a deal to reduce underworld conflicts between each other and the law. The four become the overseers of every gang activities in Vice City to make sure they doesn't have a war against the other, no war allowed with exception if it caused by a betrayal in a trade deal. They also guarantee all the gangs can taste their own profit freely and expand their business with a "shared profits".

Many gangs rejects this policy, thinks that the four overseer wanting to maintain their power by their own and halt the other's attempt to expand. However, they forced to obey the policy or get overpowered by the three in a gang war. Some of this opposition made an underground movement, planning to bring down the overseers influences over the city for their own power.

Céntricio Cartel

The Central Cartel is the oldest standing Colombian syndicate in Vice City, exist since the golden age of 80s and manages to maintain their control over majority of the city business, mostly legal one. Starting as one of many overseas hidden branch of Abburá Cartel from Colombia, they continued their business by their own after their parent cartel destroyed in 1993. Currently lead by their third leader, Gonzalo Herrera.

Gangs included under Céntricio Cartel surveillance include:

Name Description Current Leaders
Céntricio Cartel One of the four overseer of Vice City's underworld MJ-I
Gonzalo Herrera
Haitians Loosely based on Zoe Pound. The only street gang in the twelve key player list. Only a minority back in their arrival in the 80s, but they develops themselves as a more organized and trained gang as time passed by, especially in combat. They control the majority of Vice City arms trade network. MJ-VI
Zachary Baptist
Da Silva Enterprises A corrupt business industries from Brazil ran by Francis Da Silva, a radical preacher from Brazil. The enterprises used to fund his malevolent cult, church and community in Great Deer Key. MJ-VIII
Francis Da Silva
Jamaican Posse The second strongest Afro-Caribbean gang in Vice City with a rivalry history with the Haitians before  ?

European Families

Other than Latin American origin gangs, various organized crime syndicates comes from Europe. Mostly comes from countries where major crimes were very uncommon (such as Austria, Belgium, and Denmark ) that decide to establish power in America to avoid the strict law and authorities in their origin country.

Act as the two overseer is Brooke origin Italian mafia, the Tacconi Crime Family; and Israeli Sharansky Mob. Both becomes the secondary power of the underworld under the Colombian.

Worried about the possibility of conflict between the European families following Leopold death, Maurice and Abrahem has agreed to select Marius Fritz, the young leader of Greenwich-Fritz Family as the families mediator and their future successor in the overseer council. Of course, this results a jealousy within the Concatenatio body.

Name Description Current Leaders
Tacconi Crime Family Based on Trafficante. Originated from Brooke with a long history of being the most ambitious family in Tequesta crime history. MJ-II
Maurice "Mad Man" Tacconi
Sharansky Mob An Israeli origin mob made mostly by jewish immigrants. MJ-III
Abrahem Sharansky

Under the two was a smaller European families with four of them decide to made a coalition name Concatenatio.

Name Description Current Leaders
Vivaldi Crime Family Founding member of Concatenatio. _. MJ-VII
Alessandro "Artist" Vivaldi
The Belgian Milieu Member of Concatenatio. Formerly known as Benelux Group, a crime syndicate with a long history from Belgium that made moves to Vice City in 2014. Following the death of the original founder, Leopold Verhoeven, the syndicate now lead by his wife Francesca, with a controversy that she killed Leopold to get the main position. MJ-IX
Francesca Verhoeven "The Black Queen"
British Firms Member of Concatenatio. A small but professional crew of British criminals specialized in heist operation, IT, and cyberterorrism formed by Stuart Walker, a former terrorist operation and heist expert whose quit the terrorist cell which hires him after they reject his plan to rob a bank rather than stealing intel from government facilities. MJ-X
Stuart Walker
Rødt Syndikat Member of Concatenatio. Also known as The Red Syndicate, a Danish origin crime syndicate. Notorious in Vice City underworld for their brutality and extreme violent punishments for failures and traitors. Main partner of Vivaldi family. Eric Knudsen
Greenwich-Fritz Family Previously consists of two conglomerate families that resides in Vice City: Greenwich from Austria and Fritz from Switzerland that merged into single crime family. Their young leader Marius Fritz, was set by Maurice and Abrahem as their future successors of Vice City's overseer. Marius Fritz

Fisherman Society

Loosely based on Black Tuna Gang. No much known about the organization and it's probably the most mysterious in the city underworld. The actual name of the syndicate was unknown and their members decide to call it “The Society” or “The Family”, the name “Fisherman Society” was used by the media based on fish badges worn by their members to identify their ranks.

Name Description Current Leaders
Fisherman Society _. MJ-IV
Matthias Schimdt "The Whale"
GD Corporation  The Green Dragon Corporation is an Eastern Asian crime organization. A very decorated and unique gang with a mix between traditional life of Japanese Yakuza culture, professionals triads and kkangpae, and modern cyberterrorism like the British Firms. MJ-XII Song Ye-Jun

Independent Syndicates

The following syndicates doesn't affiliated with any of the four overseers.

Name Description Current Leaders
Ocean Cartel Based on Gulf cartel, one of the most powerful drug cartel in Mexico that establish a branch in Vice City and control most of the drug smuggling network in the city. They also infamous for their highly-trained 'ghost' soldiers known as Los Espiritus. Known to have a competition with The Belgian Milieu to gather as many allies and connections. MJ-V
Alvaro Jiménez "King of The Hill"
Kirikov Bratva Kirikov Mafiya is formed by remnants of Rascalov and Bulgarin men from Liberty City who ran away to Vice City, looking for another place for their American dream. _. MJ-XI Nikolai Kirikov
Los Cabrones Based on real life Marielitos, a Cuban-American street gang in Little Havana. Formed by Cuban immigrants during Mariel boatlift. "Big Bro"

Majestic 12

The Vice City Bureau of Investigation with the help of the Federal Investigation Bureau made a list of twelve most powerful kingpins shorted by their influence in Vice City: The Majestic 12, obviously a reference to real-life conspiracy theory. All the twelve leaders already identified and undisclosed by the agency, even to the Vice City Police Department.

They have sent several missions to bust them, but none complete in a success. All appear during the storyline, but only few made a major impact of the story as a major characters. The following list sorted from the most influential one:

  • MJ-I Gonzalo Herrera of Céntricio Cartel
  • _.
  • MJ-III Abrahem of Israeli Mob
  • MJ-IV Matthias Schimdt of Fisherman Society
  • MJ-V Alvaro Jiménez of Ocean Cartel
  • MJ-VI Zachary Baptist of the Haitians
  • _.
  • MJ-VIII Francis Da Silva of Da Silva Enterprises
  • MJ-IX Francesca Verhoeven of The Belgian Milieu
  • MJ-X Stuart Walker of British Firms
  • MJ-XI Nikolai Kirikov of Kirikov Mafiya
  • MJ-XII Song Ye-Jun of GD Corporation

Other Major Gang

  • Skull & Bones MC - An outlaw motorcycle club situated in Vice City.
  • White Stallionz - A white-supremacist biker gang and main rival of Skull & Bones MC. Due to their controversial actions, no one decide to allied with them.

Minor Gangs

Most of minor gangs are in fight with each other, including every major gangs. Most decide to seek protection and allied with more powerful gang. There’s common humor among criminals that a gang cannot called as a gang if they’re not receive offer from Ocean Cartel and The Belgian Milieu yet. The two syndicates were infamous for tried to attract as many allies as they can.

  • Armenian Mafia -
  • Messina Crime Family - Liberty City's mob who aid the Tacconi's economy.
  • The Ironside - A small group of arms trader led by Harold.