In Light & Shadow, Vice City has a nickname of "The Bridge". The city is a meeting point between North and South American underworld, and it is run by dozens of gangs from various background.

Céntricio Cartel

  • Leader: Gonzalo Herrera

The Central Cartel is the oldest standing Colombian syndicate in Vice City. They control almost every part of the city since their arrival around 1980s.

Tacconi Crime Family

Loosely based on Trafficante crime family, the Tacconi Family is a traditional Italian/Sicilian crime family from Brooke.

The Tacconi Family have many business spread across the city, mostly centered in their headquarter, the Campanile Island

Ocean Cartel

  • Leader: Alvaro Jiménez "King of The Hill"

Based on real-life Gulf cartel, one of the most powerful drug cartel in Mexico. They have established a branch in Vice City and have a slight rivalry with the Colombian in controlling the city's drug smuggling network.

The cartel are also infamous for their highly-trained 'ghost' enforcers known as Los Espiritus.

Da Silva Enterprises

  • Leader: Francis Da Silva

The Da Silva Enterprises is a corrupt business industries from Brazil. The enterprises deal with illegal vehicles, thievery, real estates, and ponzi scheme. They operate in El Lienzo.

The enterprises has a tie with Igreja das Árvore, a mysterious religious cult.


Loosely based on Zoe Pound, the Haitians is probably the most powerful street gang. They control the majority of the city arms trade.


L&S Concatenatio

The Connection is a corrupt corporation originated from Europe that deals with "modern view of crimeworld". The company specialized in more legal-like-business such as valuable cargo export/import, forgery, and law.

Kirikov Bratva

Although the Russian Mafias presence in Vice City have started since 1990s, they did not influence the city a lot until 2015. That year, Nikolai moved to the city to unite all the mafias under his name banner.

Fisherman Society

  • Leader: Matthias Schimdt "The Whale"

Loosely based on Black Tuna Gang. There's no much known about the society because of their secretive operation in drug smuggling. Fisherman Society is not the actual name of the syndicate, and their members refer themselves as "The Society" or "The Family". The name "Fisherman Society" is used by the police and media based on the fish badges which worn by their members to identify their ranks.

Their headquarter is in Fortblanc Hotel, Vice Beach. They also control a boatyard in Vice Port.

Los Cabrones

Based on real life Marielitos, Los Cabrones is a Cuban-American street gang in Little Havana.

Other Gangs

  • Hector Gang - Formed by Hector Vera, it is a small crew of drug smuggler from Central America.
  • Fernandez Gang - Organized by Rodrigo Fernandez, this gang started as a group of small time criminals hired by Rodrigo before transforming into a bigger and violent gang. Rodrigo act as the sole high-rank member in this syndicate.
  • Israeli Mob - Lead by Mr. Sharansky, it is mentioned as one of the most influential mob in Vice City underworld. They only appear for few times in the game missions.
  • Jamaican Posse - A minor Afro-Caribbean gang in Vice City.
  • Green Dragon Corporation - A Chinese based crime organization and main adversary of Concatenatio. Many mistaken them as a triad, but they have their own philosophy.
  • Skull & Bones MC - An outlaw motorcycle club situated in Vice City and El Calvero.
  • White Stallionz - A white-supremacist biker gang and main rival of Skull & Bones MC.


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