Light & Shadow features a different rendition of Vice City and the surrounding areas. The map divided into three sections: mainland Vice City, resort city Vice Beach (Miami Beach), and wetlands of El Calvero (inspired by Everglades).

In the beginning, player can only explore mainland Vice City. The bridges to Vice Beach and some islands are under renovation, while access to El Calvero is locked by officials following the rise of criminals activities there. This areas are unlocked as the story progress. If the player traverses the renovated bridges, ignores police presence, or uses other method to get to this restricted area; they will get a 4-star wanted level.

Vice City

Vice City is the second largest city in Tequesta. Some of the neighborhoods, are in fact, not a part of Miami, like Westview, which is a census-designated place that separated from Miami city.



Images Neighborhood Description
North Vice
(North Miami)
L&S KingstonHouse Vizcaíno Park
(Biscayne Park)
(Miami Shores)
Little Haiti
(Little Haiti)
Old York
(Liberty City)
An infamous ghetto-area in Vice City, inhabited by African-American street gangs.
Empire Bay
(Upper Eastside)
A high-end neighborhood divided into three subdivisions: An area of high-rise offices and hotels; the Vice Artistic Complex, which host buildings with modern Vice Architecture; and Sunrise Park, a historical housing complex. The name itself is a reference to Mafia II setting, Empire Bay, which based on New York.
Little Dominican
L&S ObterlataBuilding El Lienzo
(Wynwood + Edgewater)
A neigborhood with galleries, murals-painted buildings, and residential towers next to the ocean. It serves as Da Silva Enterprises’ central, with their headquarter in Obterlata Building.
Vice International Airport
(Miami International Airport)
Little Havana
(Little Havana)
Craig Road
(Coral Way)
(Greater Downtown Miami)
Las Palmas
(Coconut Grove)

Vice Beach


Images Neighborhood Description
Isle of Lionheart
(Isle of Normandy + Normandy Shores)

Other Islands


Images Neighborhood Description
Campanile Island
(Venetian Islands)
The main turf of Tacconi Crime Family

El Calvero

El Calvero (Spanish for glades) is an amalgamation of cities, census-designated places, and other areas in Miami-Dade County and Monroe County. The areas composed of smaller towns, swamps, and wet forests.

The area is influenced by cartel activities, mainly the Colombian Céntricio Cartel and Mexican Ocean Cartel. The Kirikov Bratva also hold a major presence here.


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