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The following page lists the properties available in Light & Shadow. A property provides a safe place for the player, and/or generate income.


As in previous Grand Theft Auto games, safehouses are available for the three protagonists. The following activities can be done while player inside a safehouse:

  • Save the game by sleeping on the bed. Only the owner of the related safehouse can save the game (i.e. Thomas cannot save in Maria's house).
  • Change their clothing and accessories at the wardrobe.
  • Store weapons in the cupboard.
  • Store vehicles in the garage. Note that some warehouse does not have a garage, instead, yellow-outlined printed parking spaces like in Grand Theft Auto IV is used to store vehicle.
  • Use computer or laptop to access in-game internet.
  • Listen to portable radio.
  • Watch in-game television.
  • Take a shower to restore health and stamina.
  • Store and take foods or drinks from fridge.

Player now need to pay for safehouses maintenance (i.e. electricity and water). This cost $63 or higher and automatically deducted from each character's bank account every in-game Monday.


Image Name Location Description
Thomas hideout Hesperian Unlocked after "Prolegonemon"


Image Name Location Description
Maria's house Craig Road Unlocked after "Prolegonemon"


Image Name Location Description
Acconcia brothers resident Panorama Unlocked after "Prolegonemon"


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