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There are 17 radio stations featured in Light & Shadow as follows:

  • Blues Brothers: R&B
  • Canal 101.1: Regional Mexican
  • Fever 105: Dance, Disco, Electro
  • Figures Radio: Entertainment Talk Station
  • Grafite Media: Hip-hop, Rap
  • The Imagination FM: Reggae, Jamaican musics
  • KØS: Electropop, Synthpop
  • Nightfall FM: Heavy Metal
  • Radio Espantoso: Latin American musics
  • Route 102: Jazz, Indie
  • SenSation FM: Pop
  • Titanic FM: Soft pop, Power Ballad
  • Transformation 96.9: House
  • V-Rock: Post-2000s Rock
  • V-Rock Nostalgia: Pre-2000s Rock
  • Vice City Evolution: New wave
  • Vice Voices: Public Talk Station

Unlike Grand Theft Auto V, switching between radio stations is now done by manual scrolling again instead of radio wheel.

Bad weather and vehicles' damages can interrupt the radio broadcasts. Player can also interact with portable radio in various places such as safehouses, allowing them to access the radio outside vehicles.

Pre-order bonuses include a special app for protagonists' smartphone that allow them to stream radio broadcasts.

Blues Brothers

Plays R&B musics. The name is a reference to 1980 film, The Blues Brothers.

Canal 101.1

Plays Regional Mexican musics. Hosted by Luis Coronel.

Fever 105

Plays dance, disco, and electro. Hosted by Alex Metric.

Figures Radio

Figures Radio (formerly known as K-Chat) runs interviews with celebrities, mostly those whom already appear in Grand Theft Auto V. Events in that game also referenced in the talks.

  • Actor Justin talking about his new films and scandal in 2013.
  • Entrepreneur Tony Price promoting his nightclub franchise and plan to have one in Vice City, despite the competition.

Grafite Media

Plays hip-hop. This radio automatically selected every time player active a boombox around the map. The radio's name was a reference to real-life football player of the same name.

The Imagination FM

Plays reggae and Jamaican musics.


Plays electropop and synthpop. Named after a musical project KØS, hosted by their members Juliette Bazenet and Johan Putet.

Nightfall FM

Plays heavy metal.

Radio Espantoso

Plays Latin-influenced musics, mostly pop.

Route 102

Plays jazz and indie musics.

SenStation FM

Hosted by Tyler Shaw (Aviators) and plays modern pop and similar genre songs.

Titanic FM

Plays soft pop, power ballads, and soft rocks. The name is the reference of a cruise ship and film with the same name.

Transformation 96.9

Plays house musics. Hosted by Steve Aoki.


Plays post-2000s rock musics.

V-Rock Nostalgia

A secondary V-Rock channel which featured older generation rock musics.

Vice City Evolution

Plays new wave musics.

Vice Voices

Hosted by _, this is a public radio where citizens of Vice City discuss their everyday problems.


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