This page list the Radio Stations in in Light & Shadow. For the realism detail, bad weather condition such as hurricane may interrupt the radio broadcast. Portable Radio around the map also interactable, allow player to accessed the radio outside vehicles.

Pre-order bonuses include a special app for protagonists' smartphone that allow them to streams radio stations.

Bomb B Box

Genre: Modern Hip-hop and Rap

The name is a pun of Boombox. This radio automatically selected every time player active a boombox around the map.


Genre: Electropop, Electro -Folk, Synthpop

Named after a musical project KØS whose wrote a song with the same title of the game.


Genre: Pop

Travel from the classic 80's pop to today mainstream pop.


Genre: Millenial 2000/10s Rock

V-Rock Nostalgia

Genre: 80's/90's Rock

A secondary V-Rock channel.