The following pages lists the side missions featured in Light & Shadow.


"Strangers" features one or a series of missions from random characters which the protagonists can encounter while exploring Vice City.

Their map icon only appear when player close to them and player can interact with them to start their mission, like in Red Dead Redemption II.

Mission (parts) Protagonist(s) Description
"#IAlso" (3) L&S Maria-Blip A supporter of I Also movement demands the player help to fake a rape scene that will be reported as a sexual allegations in the future.
"Beach Boy" (5) L&S Thomas-Blip / L&S Maria-Blip / L&S Andrea-Blip A beach guard asks the player assistance for his new job.
"Cult of Personality" (4) L&S Thomas-Blip A corrupt televangelist wants the player to join his circle.
"El Guepardo" L&S Thomas-Blip / L&S Maria-Blip A street racer challenges the player for a race.
"Freedom Life" (3) L&S Thomas-Blip / L&S Andrea-Blip
"Last Man Standing" (2) L&S Maria-Blip
"Ocean Man" (2) L&S Andrea-Blip An extreme sports enthusiast invites the player for dangerous games in the ocean.
"The Assistance" (3) L&S Maria-Blip A serial killer and sexual predator asks the player to collect women around the town before betraying the player. (Based on cut Dale character)
"The Band's Comeback" (5) L&S Andrea-Blip The player helps a musician to unite Pen & Blood, a local rock band.
"The Pirate Bay" (4) L&S Thomas-Blip


Mission Description Collectible
"Out-of-place" An archaeologist request the player's help to recover his lost artifacts, which he called as a "breakthrough" for human history. (inspired by Ica stones) 60 artifacts
"Records" 45 vinyl records

Vehicle Thefts

Car Thefts


Bike Thefts


Boat Thefts




Drug Agent

  • Exclusive for Thomas Kingston



This side mission can be activated through Maria's cellphone. The same as The Fixer's Assassinations, this missions requires the player to kill one or more targets in one location. If the player caught when trying to kill a target, they will escape or hide from the player.

This missions can be completed in multiple approaches. For example, for a target resides in a building, the player can snipes the target from afar or enter the building, with or without a disguise.


  • Exclusive for Maria Vinogradova



This side mission can be activated when Andrea drives a police car. Andrea can access the database inside the police car computer and look for nearby crimes. The scenario and location are generated randomly, and Andrea must reach the scene within a time limit. The crimes in this mission include (arranged from most to least common):

  • Gang Activity - Ambush a gang activity in form of a drug deal or gang war.
  • Thievery - Chase down the criminal/s who had robbed a pedestrian or store.
  • Carjacking - Chase down a criminal in the stolen vehicle.
  • Vandalism - Stop the criminal/s from damaging a property.
  • Kidnapping - Stop the criminal/s from fleeing with their victim, usually with a car. The victim must survive.

Completion of 25 Vigilante missions are required for 100% Completion.

Most Wanted

  • Exclusive for Andrea Acconcia

In this mission series, the player must kill 17 most wanted criminals in Vice City. The target can be viewed via the police computer in a cruiser. Some targets are marked as "unidentified" that require the player to identify the target by their physical description.


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