Smartphone is a communication device featured in Light & Shadow. It can be used to access internet, chats with each other, and takes pictures.

The protagonists uses different mobile phones based on real-life smartphones: Thomas uses Jebi 30, Maria owns an Andromeda Eight, and Andrea has a Majava VI. All phones share the same function aside from their different designs.


TexTalk app is based on popular chat application like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and Kik Messenger. This app replace the email, text, and multi-media messages. The TexTalk provide players with ability to:

  • Call their contact via "Voice Chat", similar to traditional phone call.
  • Contacting emergency services via Voice Chat.
  • Share chat and media message with their contact. Player can also reply their contact chat positively or negatively, and the contact would respond to player's chat if they're online.
  • Request service from a company or character.
  • Invite a character for friendship activities.

A contact may automatically removed from the contact list, this happen, for example, if the related character died.


Player can enter a cheat code by texting the Cheat Contact in the TexTalk app. The cheat is a combination of alphabet and number (Leet/1337).


Replacing the Snapmatic, the game features a normal camera app like in Grand Theft Auto IV. This app allows player to capture high-quality images from the back or front camera. Field adjustment and various filters are featured, but decorations like borders and meme text are removed. Images can be deleted from the in-game Gallery menu and can be shared to Social Club site.


Player who pre-order the game can access radio stations from phone via the Radio App.



Restarting Missions

The game features an app called Backstories, which design resembles note-taking app Microsoft OneNote. Player can replay any completed missions via this app. After completing the story, information of post-story challenge and player's score are added.


Each character can customize their theme, ringtones, wallpaper, and text size.


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