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Listen, if one of us backstab the other, I guarantee none of us would survive in the end
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Light & Shadow main storyline features 70-90 main missions divided into _ chapters, all required for 100% completion; _ optional missions; and 12 friendships missions (this two missions not required for 100% completion). All of this missions (except friendships missions) has a secondary objectives that may be completed to increase their mission scores for bronze, silver, and gold medals. The mission time objective has been removed.

For the first time, L&S incorporate minor choices and key choices that created a branched storylines, similar to the one in Red Dead Redemption II.

Most of these missions are divided into parts like Out of the Closet or I'll Take Her in IV. As there are multiple protagonists, two-three missions can be played at the same time. If a character complete the first part of a mission and still have plenty times left, player can switch to other character and play other mission.

A research shown that it took an average 100 hours to finish the story, with “Around Vice City in Eighty Days” achievement requires player to complete the story within 96 real-life hours (or 80 in-game story time).

In A Nutshell

When talking about the traditional story of Grand Theft Auto, we can conclude that: "We are playing some characters who travel across the underworld while working with and for other characters, sometimes this bosses betray us after all the job we've done for them". Inspired by this trope, the writer thinks about the opposite, "what if we are the one who seek for a job for the bosses, earn their trusts and betray them at the end?". This is a strange idea that ideal to the concept of manipulation in Light & Shadow, an idea that would tests players' morality.

Following an accidental business with "The Third Side" that ruins their life and leaves many questions, Thomas, Maria, and Andrea are put into a situation where defeating them are the only option if they want themselves and loved ones to survive.

Knowing it was impossible to have a war against them at once, they decide to "play safe" with them using their con skill as an advantage. As they continued however, their own decisions and other people tested their mental and personality. Eventually, they soon suspect each other and self-interested about their personal missions when the other gets into their life.

Before The Story

Vice City or known as "The Bridge" for connecting North and South American underworld has went quiet since the end of 80s, all because of police and feds intervention and gang wars. In order to survive, the last four remaining syndicate in Vice City: Colombian Céntricio Cartel, the Tacconi Family, an Israeli Mob, and the Fisherman Society decide to create a pact to maintain peace in the underworld by oversee the activity of other gangs to minimize the possible chance of gang conflicts. In sort: "All gang can continue to expand their business, but don't try to take what other gangs had or else the four overseer will crush them".

The agreement gone controversial in the eyes of power-hungry kingpins, thinks that it only benefits the four overseer. Some decide to create an underground movement known as "The Third Side" to take the city from the four overseer.

Several mass shooting, spree killer, and major robberies in the last four years caused a major changes in United States security system. Most firearms and weapons were banned from markets, causing illegal gunrunning and arms trade as a profitable business in the black market. A new security protocol applied in major cities to counter any major crime activity such as bank robbery. The rate of successful heist are almost none prior the protocol applied.


December 31, 2016

Thomas Kingston, one of underworld top young con artist working under British Firms participates in a "super weapon" deal with The Haitians in Vice Port. Accompanied by Alexis Perez and Jack Albrighton, they're planned to scam the Haitians by taking the cargo without paying any money. Despite the plan seems successful, Alexis suddenly turned against them and kill Jack, reveals that he can't trust his two con-men friend anymore. Alexis escape with the cargo himself and stages the scenario to make the British Firms believes that Thomas betrays him.

The mission ends with Thomas being shot down into the ocean, but survives.

Chapter I: A New Tomorrow

Spring 2017
L&S Chapter1

Falling off from his glory, Thomas looks for a comeback to restarting his con-career and took revenge for the guy who caused it all. Forced to return to his father Edisson home in ? (based on Buena Vista), just next to Little Haiti; where he struggled into a problem with the Haitians following the previous tragedy. To sort up the problems, Thomas reconcile with his forgotten partner in crime Harold to raised his newly made gang named The Ironside in hope it can help him back to the top.

At the beginning, The Ironside ran into troubles with the Russian Kirikov Bratva and Italian Tacconi Crime Family, which lead the introduction of two other protagonists: Maria Vinogradova whose used Thomas to distract "someone she needs" and Andrea Acconcia, appear as a crooked detective who got Thomas involved in the European families changing of guards following the death of one of their respected leader Leopold Verhoeven and controversial decision to put his wife Francesca as the replacement.

(The following missions are under major rewrites)

Friendships Missions

As the three protagonists improve their relationships towards each other (and other character), this special missions immediately start once player asked them for hangout. Some of this required to unlock a certain primary storyline missions. Gold medal objectives are disabled for this missions and this missions can only be played once, it's not replayable via pause menu or cellphone. 

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