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The Wanted Level in Light & Shadow is used to measure how much the player is wanted by Vice City Police Department (VCPD) and other law enforcement agencies. The game re-features the previously absent six-star scale.


The player will be unable to buy any items (except from vending machine), enter safehouses, enter bars or clubs, switching between protagonists, or initiating missions and side activities while wanted. There is no switch scenes that give immediate wanted levels.

If the player get busted, they will be transported to the nearest police station and released a few hours later. All of the player's weapons, items, and body armor will be confiscated, and they will be fined equal to the damages they have caused.

If the player commits crime, and nobody presents or nearby enough to them, no wanted star will be added. Civilians who witness player's crime will report to nearby police officer.

In general, the police in Light & Shadow are less aggressive than in Grand Theft Auto V. Police will prioritize to arrest the player in the first two stars, and use less lethal weapons to subdue them.


There are various method to evade wanted stars.

  • Escape the search radius, where the search is concentrated.
  • Modify player's vehicle in any mod garages. The garages will be closed if the player is within police's sight.
  • Changes clothes in any safehouse or clothing store. This option is unavailable if the player is within police's sight.
  • Swapping or abandoning vehicles.
  • When playing as Andrea Acconcia, player may show his badge to officer to clear up to two wanted stars.
  • Enter cheat code to fully remove any wanted stars attained.

Wanted Levels

One Star

At a one star level, VCPD Officers will give chase and attempt to arrest the player on sight. They will be armed with baton, taser, and pepper spray to subdue the player.

Two Stars

At a two stars level, VCPD Officers will now use handguns to target the player's arms to drop their weapons, or their feet to force them fall.

Three Stars

At a three stars level, law enforcement will start to kill the player, with handguns and SMG.


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