This page show a complete list of weapons featured in Light & Shadow. There are currently _ weapons usable in the game, with a wider selection of melee weapons.

Stealth mechanic was greatly enhanced from the previous edition which reworked from seemingly-abandoned Agent.



Weapon wheel in Max Payne 3

L&S features a more complex weaponry mechanics. With a smaller weapon wheel more like Max Payne 3, which limits the number of weapons, ammunition, and other items in player inventory.

In normal player have 4 weapons slot in the wheel:

  • _.

Player clothing and presence of a duffel bag or briefcase may affect the number of items player can carried. Luckily, player can now stores some of this to safehouses and car trunk.




One of the Vice City Police Department attempt to reduce the city's crime rate is by create a policy that allow Ammu-Nation to operates in Vice City, but with most of weapons were banned. This led to an opportunity for illegal arms trade in Vice City, so the Underground Gun Shop also made a return, with more variety of weapons available to purchased.


Note that some melee weapons that made by fragile material (such as Umbrella) may broke if used too many times.






Weighty melee weapons are immediately discarded once player switch to another weapon in their inventory.

  • Baseball Bat
  • Metal Bat - The metallic variant of the Baseball Bat
  • Crowbar
  • Fire Extinguisher - Despite it makes a return, it doesn't work the same way as in San Andreas. It just a melee weapon that dealt a great blunt damage.
  • Nightstick
  • Pool Cue
  • Sword
  • Umbrella - Can be used in rain as well for some realism.
  • Wrench

Heavy Weapons

Each character only able to wield certain heavy weapons. All of this took four slot and requires a duffel bag (or a violin case for Maria), which mean it took a while to set it up.