Weapon wheel in Max Payne 3

Light & Shadow features a more complex weaponry mechanics when compared to previous Grand Theft Auto games. The weapon wheel is now smaller (like the one featured in Max Payne 3) and supports fewer weapons and ammunition. The developer stated that the infinite inventory used in Grand Theft Auto V was "unrealistic, ridiculous, and makes the game too easy".

The weapon wheel has a capacity of eight slots. Small weapons like knife, scissor, or pistol cost one slot, but larger weapons such as shotgun can cost three slots. For sniper rifles and heavy weapons, player must carry a briefcase or duffel bag to conceal it. Thrown weapons and other items are stored in a separate wheel.

Player can place their weapons in car or boat trunk. A vehicle has a capacity from four to eight slots, depending on the type and size. A gun closet also available in the safehouse, where player can store their items for a capacity of eight slots.

Weapons and body armors are purchased from arms dealer services around Vice City, which works like the Underground Gun Shop in Grand Theft Auto IV. Melee weapons like the scissors are available in the grocery story instead. Weapons are unlocked gradually as the game progresses. Firearm modifications return to the game albeit less expanse. The only attachments available are grips, suppressor, and flashlight.

Body Armor

The body armor in Light & Shadow appears as a thin bulletproof vest. It offers protection from any attacks on torso, including from melee weapons, but no longer protect the player from falls and collisions. When equipped, player can see the armor concealed underneath the character's clothing or jacket, a detail inspired by an artwork of Grand Theft Auto V.


The player is able to perform punches, kicks, and dodge attacks. The protagonists have their own hand-to-hand combat style. Andrea, being the most skillful in close combat, can perform unique punch moves like haymaker and knuckle sandwich, and can break opponent's neck from behind. Thomas can equip a brass knuckle to increase his punch damage. Maria has a more defensive style based on Krav Maga, as she being the weakest in strength.

As the protagonists' strength statistic improve, their damage and speed in fist fight are increased.

Melee Weapons

Image Description and traits Slot(s)
L&S Knife Knife
An effective weapon in close combat fighting.
L&S Dagger Dagger
A unique variant of knife with vintage design. Deals higher damage, but cannot be used for stealth takedown.
Switchblade Switchblade
A unique smaller variant of knife. Deals lighter damage, but slash faster than other melee weapons.
L&S BaseballBat Baseball Bat
Classic bat made of wood.
L&S MetalBat Metal Bat
A metallic variant of the baseball bat.
Can be used to break open doors and locked cars.
L&S GolfClub Golf Club
Used in golf mini-game
  • Discarded if the player switches their weapon.
Fishing Rod
  • Discarded if the player switches their weapon.
Hammer 1
Handheld Flashlight 1
Used by the Vice City Police Department officers.
Pool Cue
  • Discarded if the player switches their weapon.
Scissors 1
L&S Sledgehammer Sledgehammer
A powerful variant of hammer capable to deal powerful blunt damage, enough to knock them out in a single blow.
Screwdriver 2
  • Discarded if the player switches their weapon.
L&S Umbrella Umbrella
Can be unwrapped in a rainy or hot weather.
Wrench 2


Player can store two type of handgun at the same time.

Image Description and traits Ammo capacity (max) Slot(s)
L&S Pistol Pistol
  • Modeled after the 5th generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm.
6 (42) 1
L&S Pistol Combat Pistol 12 (48) 1
L&S DesertEagle Desert Eagle 9 (45) 1
L&S PocketPistol Pocket Pistol
  • Modeled after Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket.
6 (60) 1
Pocket Revolver
  • Modeled after Rossi R46102 .357 Magnum Revolver.
6 (60) 1
L&S Revolver Revolver 6 (42) 1
L&S Taser Taser
A semi-lethal weapon that deals powerful electric shocks to the target without causing too much noises.
  • Has an unlimited ammo capacity.
  • Short (3 seconds delay) between shots for power recharge.
N/A 1

Machine Guns

Player can store one type of machine gun at one time.

Image Description and traits Ammo capacity (max) Slot(s)
Machine Pistol
Commonly known as Tec-9 in older generation games.
12 (60) 2
Micro SMG 2


The shotguns and rifles classes are mutually exclusive in the inventory. Player can store one type of shotgun or rifle at one time.


Image Description and traits Ammo capacity (max) Slot(s)
L&S Manhattan Manhattan (Pump-action shotgun)
Included in police officers main arsenal, which used in sticky situations and when pursued the player with three wanted stars.
  • Modeled after Remington Model 7615.
8 (64) 3
L&S Cruiser Cruiser (Pump-action shotgun)
  • Modeled after Mossberg 500 Cruiser.
6 (66) 3
L&S Carabinieri Carabinieri (Heavy shotgun)
  • Modeled after Benelli Vinci
6 (48) 3
L&S Huntsman Huntsman
  • Modeled after wooden Itahaca 37.
6 (54) 3
L&S Lupara Lupara (Sawed-off shotgun) 4 (44) 2
L&S Streltsy Streltsy (Semi-automatic shotgun)
  • Modeled after modified full auto Vepr-12.
6 (42) 3


Image Description and traits Ammo capacity (max) Slot(s)
Advanced Rifle 3
Assault Rifle 3
Carbine Rifle 3

Sniper Rifles/Heavy Weapons

The sniper rifles and heavy weapons classes are also mutually exclusive. Player can store one type of sniper rifle or heavy weapon at one time. All types of this classes require a briefcase or duffel bag and cost four slots in the weapon wheel.

Sniper Rifles

Image Description and traits Ammo capacity (max) Slot(s)
L&S SniperRifle Sniper Rifle
  • Modeled after Savage Arms 10 BA - .308 Winchester.
8 (40) 4
L&S HeavySniper Heavy Sniper 6 (30) 4

Heavy Weapons

Image Description and traits Ammo capacity (max) Slot(s)
Grenade Launcher
Can be used to launch grenades at a greater distance with better accuracy. The grenade will explode instantly upon contact.
  • Exclusive for Thomas and Maria.
  • Consume the grenades from thrown inventory.
  • Modeled after M79 grenade launcher.
1 4
Now classified as a heavy weapon, the Machine Gun employs a rapid gunfire.
  • Exclusive for Maria and Andrea.
100 (300) 4
L&S RPG Rocket Launcher
The most powerful weapon in the game, capable to destroy any target and produce splash damages.
  • Exclusive for Thomas and Andrea
1 (6) 4

Thrown and misc

Thrown weapons and other items have a separate weapon wheel. Up to four types of this items can be stored at a time.

Image Description and traits Max capacity
  • Also consumed whenever the player uses grenade launcher.
Molotov 8
Sticky Bomb 4
Tear Gas 4
  • The player is no longer able to use weapons while using a parachute.
  • The player is no longer need to pull back the movement stick while landing.
Pepper Spray
Non-lethal close range weapon. Blind the opponent's vision for few seconds and can chokes them to death.
  • Ammunition capacity: 100


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