"Hey, this is better than I expected. Turns out it's not boring after all. This is a piece of cake."

-Mark Smith while he is hacking the blog

Logging Off is the tenth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime. This mission introduces you to the hacking feature.

Unlocks: Hot Wheels

Unlocked by: Flamethrower Frenzy

Reward: $750

Mission Description

Max wants you to get revenge on an ex-college friend, Vinnie White, for spreading rumors about him back then. To avoid maximum embarrassment, he wants Mark to hack his blog and brings Jack along with him, as he is good at hacking.


Once you have exited Max's apartment, get in the Buccaneer and drive Jack to Vinnie's apartment. When you arrive, crouch down and enter the apartment. Do not alert the house guests, and try to make it upstairs. Proceed to Vinnie's bedroom, and log on his laptop. Follow Jack's instructions to completely hack the blog.

When you are finished, jump out of the window and hurry back to the car. You will gain a three star wanted level upon exiting the household. Get to the Pay 'n' Spray quickly before you get busted. Now make it back to Max's apartment, and tell him the news.


  • Get in the car.
  • Drive to Vinnie's apartment.
  • Enter the apartment.
  • Make your way to Vinnie's bedroom. Do not blow your cover.
  • Log on the laptop.
  • Hack Vinnie's blog.
  • Jump out of the window!
  • Head to Pay 'n' Spray so you can lose the cops.
  • Go back to Max's apartment.
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