Lolek Goldblum
Appearance(s): Los Santos Chronicles - Deadly Discords
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1989
Nationality: Polish
Main affiliation: Impotent Insects
Penelope Cash
Christian Bell
Vehicle(s): Orange Buffalo
Businesses: Impotent Insects
"After licking so many asses to get us in the US, boys thank me by throwing a shitload of shit on my face. Now they're all God knows where and your boss' little concert can't happen. Now, if you excuse me, I'm gonna get drunk and forget I am alive. "
―Lolek Goldblum

Lolek Goldblum is a character in Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Los Santos Chronicles - Deadly Discords.


Lolek is the manager of a Finnish rock band, the Impotent Insects, hailing from Poland.

Events in Deadly Discords

Music mogul Christian Bell sets up a big rock concert inLos Santos to earn money and pay his debts. Lolek manages to get that gig for the Impotent Insects.

Lolek and the Insects arrive in San Fierro, and on their way to Santos, they stop in Yellow Jack Inn bar, Sandy Shores. They get drunk and Lolek angers some members of the Drebin Family, leading them to kidnap him. The following night, the band goes missing.

Lolek calls Chris Bell from the back of a Drebin van, requiring rescue. Chris' assistant Penelope Cash tracks the van down and saves Lolek.

Lolek has no idea where the Insects have disappeared, and knowing the big shots in their record label won't be pleased, he gets nervous, panics, freaks out, is over-reacting and tries to kill himself multiple times to save himself from the backwash, but is always stopped and (a bit) calmed down by Penelope.

The members of the Insects eventually start contacting their manager. Being in trouble for angering several criminals, the band makes many enemies. 

Christian Bell's villainous treasurer, Waylon Rosenthal, isn't happy to hear that the Insects have been found and the concert is going to be held as planned. He secretly hopes Chris would go bankrupt, so he could buy Bell Records to himself. Rosenthal forms an army of crooks to foil the concert. 

The concert goes as planned, while Penelope tracks down and kills Rosenthal's entire gang.

Penelope later takes Lolek and the Insects to the airport, who then leave Los Santos behind.

Mission Appearances

Deadly Discords

  • Rescue Ranger
  • Lost Boys (Boss)
  • Dial T For Trouble (Boss)
  • Hole in One (Boss)
  • Perdido (Boss)
  • Haters Gonna Hate
  • No Encores
  • Departure Time (Boss)


  • Lolek is Jewish.
  • Lolek shares similar personality with Ken Rosenberg.
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