Max: "Shit man, I gotta change my pants. I think I just honked out a dirt snake, if you know what I mean. Do you have a pair of adult diapers?"

Mark: "Sadly not. I guess you are gonna have to swim to me."

Max: "But..."

Mark: "What? Y'can't swim?"

Max: "Moment of truth: no, I cannot. Augh, nevermind, I'll try my best."

Lost at Sea is the twelfth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime which is started automatically with a phone call. This mission introduces the player on how to swim.

Unlocks: Street Rage

Unlocked by: Hot Wheels

Reward: None

Post-Mission Phone Call

Mark: "Hello?"

Max: "Mark, shit - I'm glad you called. The Puerto Rican pricks just sabotaged my brand new speedboat, and they are coming for me. Teach them the ways of ignorance! Damn it, I will see you soon This phone is on low battery."

Mission Description

The Spanish Lords are back, but this time, they have sabotaged Max's Squalo. He is stuck in the midle of the ocean, while the Spanish Lords are going to kil him. Fortunately, Mark comes to help Max to defeat the Spanish Lords.


Head for Golden Sands Beach, and get on the Jetmax. Drive to the destination before Max's health bar decreases and dies. Once you meet Max, he will give you a Gold SMG with infinite ammunition so you can use it to serve the Spanish Lords' rights.

After that, a cutscene will be encountered; which Max says he can't swim, but will try his best to get to shore.

Swim to shore and get back to Golden Sands Beach. Max says that something else could get worse, but won't have to worry about it for a while.


  • Go to Golden Sands Beach.
  • Hop on the boat.
  • Reach Max before he dies!
  • Eliminate the Spanish Lords.
  • Go check if Max is okay.
  • Swim to shore.


Upon completing the mission, Max will ask the protagonist if the both of them wants to go drinking at 99 Bottles of Beer Bar.


Although you are not rewarded with money after completing this mission, you can now do friendship activities with Max. Plus, the ability to shop at AmmuNation stores, or, is unlocked. Also, the next mission Street Rage is unlocked.

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