Louise Vercetie
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1961
Place of birth: Vice City, Florida
Home: Starfish Island, Vice City
San Fierro, San Andreas
Liberty City
Los Santos, San Andreas
Nationality: American
Family: Deceased parents
Unnamed aunt
Unnamed cousin
Vehicle(s): Gold Infernus
Blue Cheetah
Louise Vercetie is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Early Life

Louise was born in 1961 in Vice City, Florida. Her parents were rich, her father being the head of his own company and her mother being a famous actress. Growing up, Louise had a good life, getting everything she wanted, getting into great schools and colleges. Louise was an only child and therefore felt alone growing up. In 1975, Louise's father died. She was distraught, as well as her mother. A month after the death of her husband, the mother committed suicide. The money her mother and father earned was left to Louise, along with the house and many other things; however, Louise did not get access to the money for seven years. Her aunt became her caretaker.

Life in 1986

By 1986, Louise lived on Starfish Island, close to the Vercetti Estate (Diaz's Mansion). Now twenty-five, she was very wealthy after inheriting money from her deceased parents. Because Louise had no job, she had no source of income except for her parents' money. She began working for her cousin, doing small jobs. This provided her with more money. Her cousin was like a big brother to her: he looked after her and loved her dearly. If anyone tried to harm her, he would have them killed or beaten as he was a very rich and powerful man. When the hurricane was going to hit Vice City, her cousin took her from Starfish Island and bought her a home in Vice Point: El Swanko Casa. After the hurricane passed she moved back to Starfish Island, but kept El Swanko Casa as a secondary home.

Life in 1992

In 1992, Louise moved to San Fierro, San Andreas. Now thirty-one, she was forced to move to San Andreas by her cousin because, being protective of her, knew she was on a hit list after refusing to hand over her money to a mysterious, powerful man.  Her cousin did this to protect her. Heartbroken, Louise regretfully moved, but was happy that she was now safe. Not having as much money as she previously did, she bought a small but expensive home in Calton Heights. It was nothing compared to the usual mansions she had lived in, but she was happy.

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