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Loving Husband
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Enzo Douglas
Location: Pizza This, Near Pines, Caldwell
Target: Viruses
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Reward: None
Unlocks: Internet Dating
Unlocked by: Order Six

Loving Husband is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given to the player Samantha Douglas by her husband Enzo Douglas.


Enzo contacts Samantha tells her meet him at Pizza This where he tells her that his computer is has viruses on it and the company policy is to link his computer with their's meaning that Pizza This is compromised.

Samantha agrees to eliminate the virus and leaves to go home in order to do so. However, she finds the task is easy said than done as Enzo has new virus protection on his computer. She is has to install one on his computer using the cash she has earnt from her new job.


  • Go Home.

After being told about the situation; the Player is instructed to return home in order to access Enzo's computer in order to eliminate the virus.

  • Find Enzo's computer.

After returning home; Samantha has to find Enzo's computer which is located in their bedroom and is required access using Enzo's password which she has memorised.

  • Search the computer for Anti-Virus software.

After accessing the computer; the player is prompted to find anti-virus software but there is none as they go through computer's history and files.

  • Go to BlueTech.

Samantha decides to go to BlueTech in order to get Anti-Virus software and travels there but receives a phone call from Enzo to ask whether she dealt with it, but she simply replies that she is working on it.

  • Buy Anti-Virus Software.

Upon arriving at the store; the player is prompted to buy Anti-Virus Software from one of her colleagues and while they question her need for it she simply tells him that it's family business.

  • Go back to your House.

As the player attempts to leave; Samantha's employer comes up to her and tells that she only has a few days off and she has to restart soon. The player then is able to go back in their car and return to the Safehouse.

  • Log onto Enzo's computer and install the Antivirus Software.

Like before the player is prompted to go on Enzo's computer but this time they'll be able to install Anti-Virus Software on the computer and remove the viruses. As she installs the software; she receives another phone call but this time it's from Vincent Douglas asking where she is but she refuses to answer him.

  • Run the Antivirus Software.

After the installation is complete; the player is required to run the antivirus software which in turn completes the mission after a long conversation on Vincent Douglas.


Following this mission; Internet Dating is unlocked.