Luca Marchetti
Luca Marchetti
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Blood Money
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1963
Place of birth: Italy
Date of death: N/A
Home: Nassau
Nationality: Italian
Family: Fabrizio Giannio (Half-Brother)
Main affiliation: Marchetti Gang

Micheal Tanner
Joesph Buckley (Formerly)
Buckley Gang (Formerly)

Businesses: Gang Leader

Luca Marchetti is a powerful gang leader operating in Nassau.


Luca Marchetti was born in 1963 to Antonio Marchetti and Alfreda Gianno in Naples, Italy. His parents owned a chain of restaurants which brought in a good income, therefore Luca didn't live in poor conditions. He was also very passionate about sports and was a solid athlete in his youth. Luca was raised with his half-brother Fabrizio Gianno and two other siblings.

In 1981, aged 18, Luca went to the United States of America to study further. He ended up in a rented apartment in Liberty City in the Little Italy district and studied at the Vespucci University. This lasted until in a shortage of money, he was caught delivering a firearm to a known gang member. Both were arrested, and Luca was deported.

Upon arriving back in Naples, the family business had been revealed to he went bankrupt, and his parents were in huge debt while he was in the US.

In order to bring income back to his family, Luca began committing illegal acts. He was arrested three times back in Italy and did a brief stint in prison. Luca took part in illegal smuggling along with Fabrizio and eventually smuggled himself back into America in 1989, along with Fabrizio.

Upon arriving in America, they ended up in South Nassau, an area of Nassau with a high Italian population. To avoid being deported, both men used fake immigration papers.

After several failed attempts to find work, Luca decided to form his own criminal empire, dubbed by others as the Marchetti Gang.

Over the years, Luca built up his rep in South Nassau and eventually became very powerful and feared. At first, Luca added many small-time criminals to his gang, with any businesses they owned being absorbed into the Marchetti Gang's fronts.

He has had run-ins with local law enforcement. He was arrested in 1996 for conspiracy to commit murder. The target was supposedly a member of his gang who had snitched. Due to lack of evidence, the charges against him were dropped. In 2002, he was suspected of being involved in witness tampering, and using his gang members to silence witnesses. Charges against him have been since dropped.

By 2008, Luca controls most of South Nassau, and is extremely powerful.