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Mansion Raid
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Conner Mann
Location: Wakewake, Caldwell
Target: Twine Heights Mansion
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted (Sam or Tristan)
Busted (Frame option)
Killing an FIB Agent (Fraud option)
Killing the third participate (Frame Option)
Failing to upload the ROMs and Emulator in time (cannot fail if third participant is chosen as the hacker)
TerrorByte destroyed
Reward: $4000
Unlocks: The Mob
Unlocked by: Mansion Raid Setup

Mansion Raid is the first "Raid Mission" conducted in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf.


Fraud Option

Sam and Tristan join a room of FIB agents dressed in tactical gear listen to Conner as he explains what they going to do while the head of the FIB Team accepts Sam/Tristan as part of the raid before entering a FIB Raider and drive off towards Twine Heights Mansion. They assault the Gruppe Sechs security guards and fight their way upstairs while Sam/Tristan gets ahead of the team and turns on the computer allowing Tristan/Sam to navigate from the TerrorByte and upload the ROMs and Emulator onto Vincent's computer before they have get to the Study Room and the FIB confiscate the computer.

Vincent arrives to find out what is happening but is immediately arrested and sent away by the FIB while Samantha/Tristan runs off to regroup with Tristan/Samantha as they leave the area and regroup at the old warehouse to celebrate.

Frame Option

Sam and Tristan join a room with the third Participant as Conner explains objective and mentions to the third participant that this isn't a heist but a raid. There's no cut except for a small payment for the job. The participant accepts the job and leads everyone to his TerrorByte and Samantha/Tristan drives up to the mansion where one of the participants stay in the truck while the getaway driver runs off to get a car and the gunner sneaks their way through the mansion using Conner's advice.

The gunmen goes upstairs to turn on the computer and allow the hacker to upload the ROMs, Emulator, and embezzlement evidence on the computer. The gunner calls the FIB and Police before fighting their way to the getaway driver. They flee from the area as Conner and the hacker go in the opposite direction before meeting up at the old warehouse.


Fraud Option

  • Accompany the FIB to Vincent's mansion.
  • Join the raid!
  • Eliminate the guards and get to the computer before the FIB do.
  • Turn the computer on!
  • Upload the Emulator and ROMs to the computer.
  • Exit Vincent's mansion!
  • Get to the Terrorbyte.
  • Go back to the warehouse.

Frame Option

  • Drive up to Vincent's mansion.
  • Sneak past the guards and get to the computer, and turn on the computer. (gunner)
  • Wait until the Upload finishes. (gunner)
  • Call FIB! (gunner)
  • Escape from Vincent's mansion. (gunner)
--- or ---
  • Wait for the gunner to get to the computer. (hacker)
  • Begin the upload. (hacker)
  • Get away from Vincent's mansion. (hacker)
  • Return to the warehouse. (hacker)
--- or ---
  • Find a suitable getaway car. (getaway driver)
  • Get back to Vincent's mansion. (getaway driver)
  • Wait until the gunner to get in car. (getaway driver)
  • Drive away from the Vincent's mansion. (getaway driver)
  • Return to the warehouse. (getaway driver)


  • Gruppe Sechs Security - Murdered by the Mansion Raid gunner or FIB and Tristan/Samantha.


Following the mission the player will receive $4000 and will unlock The Mob.