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Mansion Raid Setup
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Conner Mann
Location: Wakewake, Caldwell
Target: None
Conditions of mission failure: None
Reward: None
Unlocks: Mansion Raid
Unlocked by: Recon the Mansion

Mansion Raid Setup is the first "Raid Setup Mission" in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf which includes an interactive cutscene.


Conner goes over the plan for the Raid and gives Samantha and Tristan the option to either go with the fraud option or frame option. Conner reveals that he found several instances of Corporate fraud on Vincent's computer and it would be the best route as the charges will stick to him better than the frame option but the it is Sam's choice.

If fraud is chosen; Sam will be told that some equipment will need to provided and Conner will take care of all of it, but if frame is chosen; Sam will be told that they need some balaclavas and some weapons which he'll provide.

After picking the fraud path; Sam will have to chose a job for her and Tristan to do. One will storm the Mansion with some FIB agents and the other will monitor the upload the ROMs and Emulator onto Vincent's computer.

Otherwise picking the frame path; Sam will have include a third participate from a list of people provided by Conner. She then has to select the method of entrance; by air or by ground along with selecting the gunner, the hacker, and getaway driver.


  • Choose a path.
  • Choose a job for Tristan.
  • Choose a job for Samantha.
  • Choose a job for the third participate. (Frame option)
  • Choose a method of entry. (Frame option)


After finishing the Setup; the mission will be complete and the player will have to wait a while before beginning Mansion Raid.