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Marcus Dwayne
Marcus Dwayne.jpg
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: The Vinewood Chronicles
Also known as: MD, Mark, Marky, Marco, M,D-Wayne
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1992
Place of birth: South Los Santos
Home: Picture Perfect Drive, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Nationality: African-American
Family: unkwown
Main affiliation: Ned Doyle, Toby Lawrence, Ash Garrett
Vehicle(s): Black Phoenix, Players choice
Businesses: Armed robbery, Mechanics(formerly)
Voiced by: Chisanga Kapumpa

Marcus Dwayne is the main protaganist in Grand Theft Auto: The Vinewood Chronicles


Marcus' past remains somewhat mysterious however several points ingame reveal he was born in South Los Santos in the year 1992. While living there he met Josh Quinn. At first Josh didn't want anything to do with a "black dude" but soon they grew on each other and became friends. At some point while he was approaching high school, Marcus' father died of an unkwown illness. With his mother struggling to provide for him Marcus sought a life of crime to raise money to help her. He was eventually caught by the authorities and ending up serving time. Some months later his mother passed away. Feeling lost with no one to help him he contacted Josh and they began staying together. The two became interested in Drag racing and by 2008 they both devoted their lives to it. However it has been made possible that John seemed to dislike how Marcus constantly won championships while Quinn was always runner up. 

Events of The Vinewood Chronicles

Marcus is seen drag racing against 4 others when he takes the lead. Three end up pulling out leaving only Marcus and an unamed man. Cops then chase them and the other man hits his car into Marcus' causing it to crash. Marcus is then apprehended by the police. Several months later Marcus is approached by lawyer Ned Doyle who offers to help Marcus if he helps him. Marcus is instructed by Ned to take out his rival lawyer Jeff Nolan. After taking him out and dumping the body in a river, Marcus goes to his new safehouse which Ned gave him as thanks for taking Jeff out. moretobeadded.