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It's okay, I'm just hurt the one who requested on me or dare enough to attack me.
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Maria Vinogradova
L&S MariaVinogradova
Biographical information
Full name Мария Виноградова
Nickname(s) Angel (codename)
Vin (by Nikolai)
Known aliases Angel Hobbes
Born 1993 in Liberty City
Citizenship Russian-American
Family Sergei (father †)
Yulia Vinogradova (mother †)
Susana (step-mother †)
Physical description
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Height 5' 6.25" (1.68 m)
Career information
Occupation Freelance Hitwoman
Affiliations Nikolai Kirikov
Thomas Kingston
Andrea Acconcia
Charles Koch
Petrovic Family (formerly)
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo
Actor Aleksandra Bortich

Maria Vinogradova (Russian : Мария Виноградова) is one of the three main protagonist in Light  & Shadow along with Thomas Kingston and Andrea Acconcia. Maria is a young Russian-American freelance hitwoman originated from Liberty City.

In the game, Maria has a unique animation when it comes to hijack a car or other vehicle from the driver, by pulling out a pistol that forces the driver to get out from their vehicle. While Thomas and Andrea will lost all their firearm after wasted/busted, Maria always manage to hide her handgun and it's available at all times, even if there's no ammo left. It's also easier to lose wanted stars or enemies while playing as her.


"I'm sorry Sergei, I've made a mistake"
―Nikolai letter
Maria was born in Liberty City in 1993, to Sergei and Yulia Vinogradova. Sergei was a respected high-rank member of Petrovic Bratva who always concern about his family safety and future.

Sergei left Maria studied in various school such as East Holland High School with fake identity of Angel Hobbes. He doesn't want her daughter to involve in his business, hoped that Maria grew up as a normal girl. Despite all of Sergei attempt to keep her away from his crime life, Maria was too curious about everything, even to a pistol that his father always carried.

Sergei forced to leaves the Petrovic in 2008 when he failed to ensure the safety of Kenny Petrovic son that caused the all-out war between the Russian families in Liberty City. Sergei also failed to secure his boss garage since it was destroyed. Looking for livelihood, Sergei eventually join the newly emerging kingpin Dmitri Rascalov and later met Nikolai Kirikov.
"Niko, I don't want her to get mad with this! Don't you look at her face?! She's just too pure to become a serial killer, I can't even imagine that! I don't want her to be like me, like you, or the one with the same name to you. I just want my family's name to be forgotten, she's my last hope. She can be anything, a good housewife, a part-time model, but I don't want her to be like us! "
Nikolai get known to Maria when he and Sergei oiling their pistol in one dinner. Nikolai realizes Maria's curiosity on their guns and advice Sergei to train her with firearms just for her protection. Sergei rejects this as he afraid that Maria would get too fascinated with it and turned into a killer. Nikolai ignores him and trains Maria about gun and combat secretly in hope that keeps her safe. Keeping Sergei warning on his head, Nikolai keep her out from the life of crime and believe she would never interested with it.

The family world turn upside down after the Rascalov downfall, while at the same time Yulia was killed by their syndicate rival. Sergei travel across Liberty's underworld to seek redemption for the killer, but he also completely depressed and soon decide to marry another woman, an Ukrainian hooker named Susana.

In fall 2009, Nikolai leaves Liberty City along with remnants of Rascalov and Bulgarin to built a new crime empire in Vice City. With her mentor leaving, Maria now taken care by Susana. Susana revealed as a rude, bad mannered mother figure for her, add that she occasionally take Maria around with her whore friends. Having witnessed many women "servicing" their clients leave a disgust and discomfort on Maria, especially when some of Susana's friends wants her to become like one of them due to her beauty.

At age of 17, Maria had enough on Susana whose attempt to take her to a strip club, an obvious sign that her step-mother wants to teach her to become like her. Maria killed her with a small handgun and stages her death as a suicide. Sergei don't suspicious to his daughter at all and decide to retire from his career, create a better life, and move to an apartment Tudor, Alderney where he has a part-time job in an unknown office nearby.

Sergei doesn't have enough money to support Maria's education. Meanwhile, Maria gets more fascinated in killing with her pistol (just like what his father feared). It starts when she just visited a gun shop in Port Tudor and saw a hobo being confronted by two loan sharks who demands him to pay his debt. After a brainstorm whether she would rescue him or not, Maria shot down both the sharks and leaves the scared hobo alone. Maria gets more addicted in take out "someone who deserves it" and soon became a notorious hitwoman and contract killer, all without her father's knowledge since she use her old name "Angel" as a codename.
"You know, sometimes I ain't pulled my gun right away, I just love to play with them very slowly first, so they live in hell before and after I kill them."
―About her "torturing target" strategy
For some contact that deemed too difficult for her, Maria prefer to spent a week to a month to "play" with her target: making them bankrupt, facing lot of debts so he can't pay for bodyguards and protections; influencing people around them to leave and turn against them; and manipulate her target at the very last moment when they seeks for help. In sake of her good effort, clients get more satisfied and pay her even more.


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"I'm not guilty for that... or am I?"
―To Thomas after killing Charles Wagner
Maria can be considered to be alluring with her innocent and noble facade, a look that equally fascinating and mysterious (according to herself). Add that she usually acts very innocent and kind, all part of her manipulation as she always think that men will more easily fooled with a 'shy looking girl' rather than 'openly sexual one'. She enjoyed to be a bit flirty to men, but not used it as strategy to distract her target. Maria know a limit of seduction and displeased to show her sexuality too much (probably because her past aforementioned).

Since child, she shown to be very easily to get curious about what happening. According to Nikolai, when Maria still younger, she's tend to be more calm and patient. As she grew up as a killer however, she's turned a bit overconfident, extremely arrogant, ill-mannered, and more underheaded; something which is clearly contrary to her father wish.


"- *sigh* - Yeah, I'm Russian, but I won't hurt you. Unless someone asked me to do it."
―Regarding the 'American is good/Russian is bad' stereotype


BAHROMA – "Назавжди-Навсегда"

First came into mind during the third phase of storywritting, the main inspiration behind Maria's Russian background was the fans likeness toward Eastern Europe's atmosphere from IV. To avoid further similarities with Niko Bellic, the writer decide to kept the female Spanish character and replaces her nationality instead.

The character influenced much with Mona Sax from fellow Rockstar Games franchise Max Payne and Mona Demarkov from Romeo Is Bleeding neo-noir film, but a complete opposite personality (media sees that Rockstar wanted to avoid the "sexist" controversy). While the idea of her current and final version was a pure idea without any inspiration.

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