Mark Valve
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone
Also known as: M
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1967
Place of birth: New Hamilton City
Date of death: N/A
Home: New Hamilton City
Nationality: American
Main affiliation: Tommy Montana

Montana Gang
Jones Crime Family (Formerly)

Vehicle(s): Esperanto
Businesses: Soldier of The Jones Crime Family (Formerly)

Underboss of The Montana Gang

"I think it's time we get even with our ex-bosses Randall and Kenny."
Mark Valve appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone and as the protagonist of The Revelations DLC set two years later. He is Tommy Montana's close friend, and can be called for back-up in Gang Wars.


Mark was born to Jon Valve and an unnamed mother in 1967. Life in the Valve household was actually rather peaceful. Along with his father and his brother Connor, he would travel to towns such as Ludendorff to hunt for animals, which his father would then sell in his butchers shop.

In 1982, his older brother Connor went into military service. Initially, the family was supportive of Connor's decision. During this time, Mark worked with his parents in the butchers and restaurant business, occasionally doing other odd jobs for friends.

In 1988, his life took a turn for the worse when Connor returned from military duty. Having lost two friends in battle, Connor turned to heroin abuse. Mark instantly took a disliking to Connor because of this, and recalls Connor betraying friends and taking bribes for money to buy drugs.

Things got even worse when his father began abusing the same drug, only to die in 1989. Later on in the year, Mark's mother disowned both him and Connor, and re-married to a wealthy businessman from San Fierro.

Mark then entered the criminal underworld, while Connor fled New Hamilton City. In 1990, he joined the Jones Crime Family via mutual connections. The following year, he was arrested for assault.

He became friends with Tommy Montana in 1992, when they were both tasked to monitor the Jones Family's illegal imports operations. The two became best friends, looking out for each other as best as possible. Even in 1999, after Tommy's release from prison, Mark is one of the only people pleased to see him.

Inbetween 1993 and 1999, Mark was arrested on three occasions. He also built up his reputation with the Jones Family's inner circle, temporarily replacing Tommy as hitman.

He also has connections in the New Hamilton City Shipping Union, whom he bribes in order to let the Jones Crime Family operate freely.

Events of Danger Zone

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Police Database Information

Surname: Valve

First Name: Mark

Age: 32

Place Of Birth: New Hamilton City

Affiliations: Known associate of Tommy Montana

Criminal Record

  • 1991 - Assault
  • 1994 - Hijacking
  • 1996 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 1997 - Bribery


  • Former member of The Jones Crime Family, now believed to be an underboss of The Montana Gang. May have close friendship to it's leader.
  • Has connections to Shipping Union officials.
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