Mary Cummings
Appearance(s): Los Santos Chronicles
Grand Theft Auto: Vertigo
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1982
Place of birth: Los Santos
Nationality: American
Family: Russell (Boyfriend/Deceased)
Main affiliation: Giorgio Timms (Formerly)
MacDonald Dalton
Swine Slaughterer (Formerly)
Vehicle(s): Moonbeam
Businesses: Investigative Journalist
Initially, I only gave a crap about the fame and recognition I would achieve with this. But if I know something that will help good people fuck up really bad people... I'm in.
―Mary Cummings

Mary Cummings is a main character in Grand Theft Auto: Vertigo and Los Santos Chronicles - Killer Instincts.


Mary was born in Los Santos in year 1982. She studied journalism there and graduated in 2002.

Mary's ultimate goal was to become a world-known journalist as soon as possible, so she decided to make her big breakthrough scoop about the very colorful criminal underworld of Liberty City.

Events in Vertigo

In 2005, Mary is in Liberty City gathering material for her big scoop.

She meets Messina enforcer Giorgio Timms, when she witnesses him killing storekeeper Vince Nocenti. Mary promises not to deliver the videotape Giorgio's actions are caught in to LCPD if he helps her with her scoop.

Together Giorgio and Mary gather intel by gatecrashing a Panamanian Cartel houseparty and stealing a fellow journalist's research results. Mary's abusive biker boyfriend Russell beats up her and steals her intel to sell it, but he's chased down and killed by Giorgio.

Soon after Giorgio's friend Benny Urbano finds out about Mary's snooping on his businesses, so he sends hitmen to kill her. Giorgio rescues Mary from the hitmen and on her request, takes her to the airport so she can leave back to Los Santos. Liberty City is far too dangerous for her, but so her work wouldn't go for a waste, she gives all the intel she's gathered to Giorgio.

Events in Killer Instincts

In 2014, Mary has become a reporter for a local TV channel, but is still on the journey to make her big breakthrough.

In recent years, Mary's been on the case of serial killer dubbed "Swine Slaughterer", and he's rumored to be in Los Santos at the moment. On Slaughterer's tail is also MacDonald Dalton, a contract killer on a personal vendetta gainst the serial killer. Mary finds about Dalton and offers him an alliance.

Together, Mary and Mac investigate on Swine Slaughterer until they go meet Mary's informant, who turns out to be the Slaughterer himself and he's been leading them astray all along. Slaughterer's minions wound Mary, but Mac rescues her and takes her to a hospital.

A couple of days later, Mac kills Slaughterer. Mary calls him from the hospital and asks if he could come visit her and possibly tell her about his experiences on Slaughterer's trail so she can make a story about it. Mac hangs up the phone.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto: Vertigo

  • Out of Patience
  • Grass Root Level (Boss)
  • Copycats (Boss)
  • Where It Hurts (Boss)
  • Minding My Own...

Killer Instincts

  • Laundered (Post-Mission phone call)
  • Pictures (Boss)
  • Hack N' Slash (Boss)
  • Dead End (Boss)
  • Your Maker (Post-Mission phone call)
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