Matthew Lewis
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Factions of East Coast
Status: Determinant (can be killed in the last mission)
Date of birth: 1938
Place of birth: Liberty City
Nationality: English-American
Family: Jake Lewis (father),
Mary Lewis (mother)
Main affiliation: English cartel
Cuban Gang
Players Choice
Vehicle(s): [1]
Players choice
Businesses: Hitman
taxi driver
Players choice

"Who see apperance, do not see the thoughts."
―Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis is the main protagonist (along with the optional playable characters Peter Jackson, Edward Silverstone and Duke Connor) of Grand Theft Auto: Factions of East Coast.

Biography and Events Before 1979

Matthew Lewis was born in the year of 1938, in the Algonquin island of Liberty City. His family consists only of one mother and one father; the others relatives are all dead, and Matthew do not know the cause. His father, a sergeant of the Army, died in January of 1945, in the last stages of the WW2 on Europe. His mother is a teacher of the Algonquin 34° Elementary School. His mother died in mid-1963 after a heart attack.

In 1956, when he made 18 years old, Matthew are enlisted to the Army. In the year of late 1963, he becomes an official soldier. But nobody of his family were alive to see this. Two years later he becomes a Corporal. Matthew has very good skills in battle. So in 1967, he started his campaign in Vietnam. After one year out of the United States, fighting for his country, he returned to Liberty City. But he decided to get out of the army. After 3 years being unemployed, in 1972 he started to work as taxi driver.

In 1977 he becomes an unemployed worker again. So he decided to enter into the criminal life; after 10 years without firing a gun, he bought a sniper and began to be hired by mobsters and gangsters to eliminate your enemies. In August 1979 he has been kidnaped by some Jamaican gangsters, who leader is Xir, "the boss".