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This family lives only for one day. The morning and noon already passed by, we're now watching the sunset, facing the Vice beaches. The night will come as soon as possible and the day will be over.
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Maurice Tacconi
L&S Maurice
Maurice photo from VCBI document, Andrea can be seen in the background
Biographical information
Full name Maurice Tacconi
Nickname(s) Mad Man
Born 1957
Citizenship Italian-American
Family Unnamed wife †
Sebastian Tacconi Jr. (father) †
Unnamed mother †
Sebastian Tacconi Sr. (Grandfather) †
Physical description
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Fourth Don of Tacconi Family
Affiliations Tacconi Crime Family
Andrea Acconcia
Fabio Acconcia
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo
Actor Fabrizio Bentivoglio (likeness only)

Maurice Tacconi, also known as "Mad Man", is a major character in Light & Shadow.

The Don of the Tacconi Crime Family and the last descendant of the original Tacconi family tree. Maurice has seen lot in his life which shapes his personalities, pessimist about the future of Italian mafias in modern America.


Maurice was born in 1957 to one of the most powerful mobster in United States, Sebastian Tacconi Jr. and an unnamed mother. His father has set him up as the mafia leader since he was 10, with a big hopes that he can help the Tacconi to achieve their ultimate ambition: becoming the ultimate power in Eastern America to compete with The Comission domination.  

He eventually became the underdon of the family when he was 25. 

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