Max O'Sullivan
Appearance(s): Los Santos Chronicles - Crime/Punishment
Also known as: Maxie
Status: Alive
Date of birth: 1980
Place of birth: Los Santos
Nationality: American
Family: Renee Snyder (Wife)
Gilbert O'Sullivan (Father/Deceased)
Main affiliation: Bison Ukrainian Mafia
Vehicle(s): Phoenix
Businesses: Contractor
The owner of O'Sullivan Inc.
"Some day, you wake up in the morning and simply just don't give a shit about anything. It happened to me, and look where it led me; Los Santos, just the place for that kind of people."
―Max O'Sullivan

Max O'Sullivan is a main character in Los Santos Chronicles - Crime/Punishment.


Max's occupation is a contractor and is a shareholder of his family business, O'Sullivan Inc. His father Gilbert is the owner of the company, the position Max desires. Max is known to be a close associate of the Bison Ukrainian Mafia, his dealers.

He's married to Renee Snyder, who works as a lifestyle coach.

Events in Crime/Punishment

Vladimir Zykarov, the leader of Ukrainian Mafia's Los Santos chapter puts underboss Lloyd Tederev to work for O'Sullivan, so he could use his contacts and help them find the thieves who ripped off a bank robbery loot from the Ukrainians.

Firstly, Max hires Lloyd to kill his father, so he could get full control of his family company and access to his father's contacts and confidential intel. Secondly, he orders Lloyd to kill hoodlums harassing his construction sites and cause chaos and carnage around the city to lower the property prices. After Max is pleased, he gives Lloyd the name of his FIB contact. Lloyd tortures required information out of him.

Some time later, after the Ukrainian mafia is falling apart in LS and Lloyd is being hunted by Rafael Ramos, a Mexican drug lord, Max calls Lloyd and asks him to cover him while he meets up with the aforementioned FIB contact. The meeting is an ambush, but Lloyd kills the attackers and Max escapes.

After the ending of the game, Max sends Lloyd an e-mail, revealing he has fled the city with his wife to lay low in Canada.

Mission Appearances


  • Father and Son (Boss)
  • Play Nice Now (Boss)
  • Tip-Off (Boss)
  • Riding Shotgun (Boss/Voice)
  • Seeking the Truth (Post-Mission Phone Call)
  • An Itty Bitty Favor (Boss)
  • Endgame (Post-Mission e-mail)