Melvin Powers
Melvin powers
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Vertigo
Also known as: Mel
Power Mel
Status: Deceased
Date of birth: 1935
Place of birth: Liberty City
Date of death: 2005 (Age 70)
Nationality: American
Family: George Powers (Father/Deceased)
Main affiliation: Benny Urbano
Panamanian Cartel
Giorgio Timms
Businesses: Powers Films

"Ignore the rules, be the boss of your life, don't live in a zoo."
―Melvin Powers

Melvin Powers is the secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vertigo.


Melvin Powers is a director, producer and the head of his own film company, Powers Films, which he inherited from his father, George, after his murder orchestrated by Melvin.

Melvin is most well-known of his extremely controversial avant-garde art films and unstable nature.

Melvin's entire life has been full of colorful events and controversies and he's planning to make a film about it.

Unlike the other big companies on the film industry, Powers Films is based in Liberty City, instead of Vinewood, Los Santos.

Events in Vertigo

In 2005, Melvin has finally started the production of his biography film in celebration of his 70th birthday.

Benny Urbano, the son of Messina Family elder Alessandro Urbano and a friend of Melvins, sends his birthday presents to Melvin via his pal and assistant Giorgio Timms. The presents aren't very ordinary and they include f.ex. a dinosaur egg and a jewellery coated uzi. Impressed by the fact that Giorgio managed to obtain all the presents, Melvin hires him for a couple of odd jobs.

In orders of Melvin, Giorgio kills an unauthorized drug dealer in Melvin's club, kidnaps all the Miss Liberty City contestants to satisfy Melvin's desires, portrays him in a bike chase scene in Melvin's film, finds him his old long lost lover, defends his luxury yacht from his enemies and steals him a container full of vintage furniture from the Albanians.

However, thanks to journalist Mary Cummings' investigations, it is revealed that Melvin is secretly distributing deadly drugs via his club for the Panamanian Cartel. Panamanians being Messina Family's archenemies, Giorgio is sent to kill Powers in orders of Alessandro Urbano. Melvin is filming an orgy scene when Giorgio arrives. He tries to escape, running naked in Dukes, but is caught and killed by Giorgio.

FIB seize Melvin's club after his demise and get their hands on his documents. In order to prevent jail time, Benny and Giorgio steal those files and remove any mention of them off them.

Missions Appearances

Grand Theft Auto: Vertigo

  • Birthday Present
  • Club Management (Boss)
  • Near Miss (Boss)
  • Scolarship (Boss)
  • Star of The Show (Boss)
  • True Love (Boss)
  • Ahoy Hoy! (Boss)
  • Contain and Secure (Boss
  • Powers Out (Betrayal/Killed))
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