Michelangelo Lipton
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill
Grand Theft Auto: Vertigo
Los Santos Chronicles - Crime/Punishment
Also known as: Michael, Mikey, Mike
Status: Deceased
Date of birth: 1958
Place of birth: Carcer City
Date of death: 2014
Nationality: American
Family: Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Miklos Lipton (Son)
Unnamed Wife (Deceased)
Thomas Lipton (Nephew)
Jenni Taylor (Daughter-in-law)
Main affiliation: Benny Urbano (Formerly)
Vehicle(s): Sultan
Businesses: Heists

"My parents wanted me to become an artist, hence my name. Wanted me to follow their footsteps into the world of fingerpainting. Heh, but instead I found the art of heists..."
―Michelangelo Lipton

Michelangelo "Michael" Lipton is a main character in Grand Theft Auto: Vertigo and Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill and minor antagonist in Los Santos Chronicles - Crime/Punishment.


Michelangelo, commonly called "Michael", is a world-renowned criminal, famous for planning and carrying out some of the most cunning heists in recent memory.

Michael is the father of Miklos Lipton, the protagonist of GTA: King of The Hill. They're estranged from each other, due to fact that Michael never were around much during Miklos' childhood, and after his wife passed away, he left Miklos in a boarding school to focus on his criminal career.

Events in Vertigo

In 2005 in Liberty City, Benny Urbano hires Michelangelo to plan a profitable heist for him, so he could form his own criminal organization.

Benny gives his friend Giorgio Timms to Michael for labor force. Following Michael's orders, Giorgio steals required vehicles and weapons for the heist and together he and Michael rob a bank. Benny gets what he wanted and Michael drives to sunset, towards future robberies.

Events in King of The Hill

In some point before the events of King of The Hill, Michael relocated to Los Santos and seized himself a mansion in Vinewood Hills.


Mission Appearances


  • The Checklist (Boss)
  • The Firepower (Boss)
  • Heist of The Week (Boss)

King of The Hill

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