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This is list of missions that occur in GTA: New Leaf and while the exact number of missions has not been decided - it'll more than likely have 200 or more missions.

Main missions


Caldwell Chapter

Enzo Douglas (E)

  • Ride-Along - Help Enzo with his deliveries (Tristan only)
  • Order Six - Talk to the customer and get him to pay for his delivery. (Tristan only)
  • Loving Husband - Help Enzo clear the viruses of his computer (Samantha only)
  • Internet Dating - Set up a profile on the Swiper dating app for Tristan (Samantha only)
  • New Girl - Learn the intentions of the new girl at Enzo's place of work. (Tristan only)
  • Enzo's Father - Meet with Vincent Douglas and learn why he is in Caldwell. (Tristan only)

BlueTech ($) - Samantha only

  • KISS - Help kickstart BlueTech's new website and distribute the info to the public.
  • Noob Central - Join the new employees at Burger Shot.
  • OMG - Stop the hackers and destroy the compromised devices.
  • Well Played - Race the competitors and try to sell most adaptors.
  • Star Employee - Race the competitors again and try to distribute the most Anti-Virus software.

Tristan Kirby (T) - Tristan only

Vincent Douglas (V) - Samantha only

  • Invisible Enemy - Go confront the blackmailer at Open/Close Club and than escape from Kloud Krew.
  • Sibling Dramas - Go confront Tristan about the blackmail.
  • Spouse Slander - Steal Enzo's computer and find out if he is sending fake emails in other people's names.
  • Affordable Dreams - Go to the mansion with Vincent and survive the Kloud Krew attack.
  • Conniving In-Law - Stop the BlueTech Employer from seeing the email.

Samantha Douglas (S)

  • Sister's Tears - Trash Vincent's car.
  • Douglas Enterprises - Go to San Fierro and transfer the funds from Douglas Enterprise to an offshore business. - Can be started by either player character but only Samantha is playable through out the mission
  • Cutting Ties - Try to convince the BlueTech Employer that you're innocent. (Samantha only)
  • Recon the Mansion - Do a reconnaissance of Vincent's mansion at Twine Heights.

Raid Mission (R?)

  • Mansion Raid Setup - Choose a path and than get equipment for the Raid.
  • Mansion Raid - Raid Vincent Douglas' mansion and collect all evidence of corporate fraud (fraud option). Raid Vincent's mansion and plant evidence of embezzlement.

Samantha & Tristan (S/T)

Johnston County/James County Chapter

Angie Offredi (A) - Tristan only

Isaac De Volta (I) - Tristan only

Conner Mann (C) - Samantha only

  • Arrest for the Wicked - Help chase off squatters at Zhuang's Farm and perform a citizen's arrest on Ian Zhuang.

Cecilia Cassidy (FIB Logo) - Samantha only

  • Crew Not Expendable - Neutralise a Cyber-Terrorist using nonlethal methods.
  • Shocking Produce - Apprehend a suspect with links to a Cyber-Terrorist Cell.
  • Flight 679 - Acquire the Flight 679's passenger manifest and flight Data.

Florence (F) - Samantha only/Strangers and Freak mission is required

Nicholas Esposito (N) - Tristan only

  • ISSAC Sell Out - Stop an ISSAC dealer from selling out the Mob.
  • Fashionable - Distribute ISSAC using a van from Esposito Designs.
  • Cooking Bacon - Blow up the South Aiden Pork Rangers Bacon Factory.

Isaac De Volta (I) - Tristan only

Heist (H?) - Tristan only

"Posh" Ian Genoverse (IG) - Tristan only

  • Vintage - Steal a truck of Vintage weapons from the Yutes.
  • Clear the Farm - Assault a Johnston County Triad farm.
  • On Shaky Ground - Sabotage a Yute/Johnston County Triad Drug Deal and steal the products.
  • Stowaway - Get on board the Cargo Plane before it leaves and eliminate the Yutes Boss and Javier Rong.
  • Out of the Frying Pan - Survive the Triad ambush and eliminate Ronaldo Rong and Pablo Zhuang.
  • For Peace - Stop Ian from starting a war with the Kazeraida bikers and is order by Isaac to take him to the bushes.

Irene de Volta (ID) - Tristan only

Cecilia Cassidy (FIB Logo) - Samantha only

James County Chapter - Tristan only

Irene de Volta (ID)

  • Meeting Adjourned - Meet with the iCentral Hoods and watch over the Arms Deal.
  • I Was Caught a Fish - Steal a shipment of Khat from a Boatyard owned by the Uptown Kings.
  • This Means War - Reclaim the shipment of Khat and eliminate the Symmorias and Uptown Kings
  • Mother/Daughter - Rescue Angie from a trap set by the Open/Close MC.
  • Fine Dining - Chauffeur Irene and Isaac to Francesca's.

Angie Offredi (A)

Isaac De Volta (I)

Tristan Only Chapter

Gezim Tolka (G)

Brotherhood of Just Sentinel (J)

  • Restoring Hope - Sneak into the Police Station and wipe the crimes of the Brotherhood.
  • Watch Your Speed - Disrupt a Street Race.
  • Misdirection - Intercept pedestrians and prevent them the drug dealers from spotting them.
  • Community Watch - Eliminate a Murder.
  • Break-In - Break into a thief's home and steal his stolen property.

Tristan Kirby (T)

Strangers and Freak Missions

Florence (?) (Samantha)

Kateřina Manna (?/K?) (Tristan Kirby)