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This is a list of missions featured in Grand Theft Auto III: Shoreside Vale. In total, there are 15 missions.

Storyline Missions


  • Liberty, You Owe Me: Tanner comes home from work only to discover his family is kidnapped and is ordered to wait for further instructions.

Mike Forelli

  • Cutting Down the Family Tree: Execute a group of 'disloyal' Forelli Family members.
  • Papa's Getting Paranoid: Blow up a plane full of Forelli Family members.

Officer '69'

  • What Have You Done to Them?: Win the ransom money in a street race and deliver it to the drop point.
  • What Have I Done?: Raid the supposed hideout of the kidnappers.
  • What Do You Want From Me?: Make 3 busts to prove your loyalty.

M.T. Head

  • The Eaters: Take Tanner's wife's corpse to Head's Deli for preservation.
  • The Sinners: Kill a group of Triads and take their corpses to Head's Deli.
  • The Meat: Steal a shipment of quality meat from Francis International.


  • Dam-Age: Destory Purple Nines drug vans at the Cochraine Dam.
  • In the Shadows: Follow the suspected kidnapper of Tanner's daughter.
  • Daddy's Here: Rescue Tanner's daughter from the kidnappers.


  • New Untenshu: Apply for the job as a Yakuza driver.
  • Pigs Squel: Kill Officer '69' for orchestrating the kidnapping of Tanner's family.
  • Last Straw: Kill M.T. Head for turning your wife into sausages.