Main Story Missions

There are 75 Story Missions

The Haygaards

  • The Haygaards: Kill the Haaygaard soldiers so that you make a move
  • North Yankton State: On an empty desolated streach of road covered in snow a a diner sits idly in the background of the pre-dawn sky. Moments later a cars speeds past, the wind it caused blows away the loose snow. As the snow slowly disappears, the torso of a naked body is revealed. Inside the car a distressed naked man drenched in blood careens though the road almost loosing control, the hyperventaliting driver, Wally Haygaard gets out of the car and attempts to push it into the lake.  A week earlier and Bill Haygaard meets him. Wally kills all the Haygaards and after that he gets in a car with him.
  • Bar: While Wally Haygaard meets the FIB Agents and Bill Haygaard he attempts to do it. Wally kills the FIB Agents and the Haaygards. Wally and Bill drive in the Car to the Store. Wally Haaygard and Bill are in the Supermarket.
  • Safehouse: Wally Haygaard shoots all the Haygaards for Bill his Friend. Wally Haygaard takes a Jeep and listens to Radio on it. Wally Haygaard is meeting in a Meeting. Wally Haygaard kills all Haygaards. Wally and Bill are on there Relationship
  • Some: Wally Haygaard and Bill make there Attempt to kill the NYSP and the N.O.O.S.E. Wally kills all of the Haygaards in the Facility
  • Riley
  • Guard the Factory : Wally and Riley investigate the Crime Scene and kills the Triads
  • Familiar Looks: Wally and Riley go to the Bank and kills the Security Guards
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