This is a list of missions in Grand Theft Auto: Unhinged. In total there are TBA missions, TBA random character encounters and a handful of side activities.

Missions can be replayed after their completion with or without a time challenge. Yes. Complete the missions in a certain time limit and earn shiny Gold Medals that have no real value. 

Storyline Missions

Jorge Jimenez

  • Mental: Jorge has come to pick up Nelson from the bus station after Nelson's short stay at a mental hospital. Drive home.
  • Neighbors: Accompany Jorge in a drug deal and escape when it turns out to be a set-up.
  • Greased Lightning: Win a Race.
  • Visiting Hour: Pay Jorge's associates a visit.
  • Mastermind: Set up a trap for an armored truck and escape the Drebin Family.

Daniel Drebin

  • Soothe the Nerves: Help the Drebins steal an armored truck.
  • Brothers in Arms: Rescue Val Drebin from the LSPD.
  • Death Has a Shadow: Make a delivery to Woody Kroll.
  • Poppin' the Tires: Pick up Daniel and Val's father from the airport.

Red Liotta

  • Get Out: Carry out a burglary.
  • Shape Up: Win a Triathlon.
  • Don't Do: Rescue 3 of Red's friends who are in trouble over drugs.

Woody Kroll

  • Kroll United: Kill an Union Boss and bring his body to Woody.
  • Barely Legal: Help Woody get steal some drugs and sell them.
  • White Knight: Save a Vinewood actress from the paparazzi and bring her to Woody.
  • Shitstorm: Kill Tommy Bell.

Craig Paul

  • Makin' Bacon: Break into a slaughterhouse and kill all the pigs there.
  • Clowning Around: Kill three political speakers at San Andreas University while dressed as a clown.
  • Hard Ridin': Take Craig to his secret haven.

Daniel Drebin

  • Clean Sweep: Purge a rival gang hide out and burn the evidence.
  • The Day the Innocence Died: Escape the Drebin Family after they betray Nelson.

Woody Kroll

  • Grave Matters: Help Woody hold off the attacking Drebin Bikers.
  • Saved by the Bell: Hop on a train and acquire Tommy Bell's body to Woody.

Jorge Jimenez

  • Unfriended: Chase and kill Jorge Jimenez

Craig Paul


Father Drebin

  • Papa Don't Preach: Take Mr. Drebin to his motel and evade an ambush.
Note: Only if spared in Poppin' the Tires


  • Disaster Artist: Drive Joseph to his audition.
  • The Masterpiece: Take Joseph to an "alternative audition" to hear an offer.


  • Third Kind: Take Mel to meet her alien relatives out in the woods.


  • Lovers Gone: Nikki has just arrived from North Yankton to meet her boyfriend. Take her to a hotel.
  • No Love Lost: After learning it was Nelson who killed her boyfriend, Nikki swears vengeance. Defeat the Drebin Family members.