This is a list of missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vertigo. In total there are 52 missions, 11 random character encounters and a bunch of side activities.

Missions can be replayed after their completion, but for Vertigo, the scoring system has been dropped. Dunno why. I doesn't really matter. This is a fanon game not an actual real game for chrissakes.

Storyline Missions

Alessandro Urbano

  • Intro: Go home and sleep.
  • Delivery Boy: Deliver the product for Messina drug dealers.
  • House Call: Clean an apartment complex from Panamanians.
  • Truck Ruckus: Track down and seize 4 Panamanian trucks.

Benny Urbano

  • Big in Liberty: Deliver a gift to a Korean mob to persuade them join Benny.
  • Overeating: Kill Korean gang bosses with a food delivery rigged to blow.
  • Track N' Find: Locate Benny by tracking his phone signal and rescue him from the Koreans.
  • Birthday Present: Collect Benny's birthday presents for Melvin Powers.


  • My Wife's My Life - Part 1: Get Phyllis' order from a sex shop.

Melvin Powers

  • Club Management: Follow a dealer working in Melvin's club to his home, kill him and burn his cannabis plants.
  • Near Miss: Hijack a bus full of Miss Liberty City contestants.
  • Scolarship: Get funding for Melvin's film by stealing an impounded vehicle for a producer.


  • The Dreaming - Part 1: Use Shaman's drugs to enter Giorgio's dreams to find answers.

Alessandro Urbano

  • Fly-By: Drop drugs to smugglers via a biplane.

Claude Derrington

  • Everything is Permitted in Love and Business: Kill Phil York, so Claude can aquire his company. Make sure it looks like an unfortunate accident.
  • Opportunities: Go to a business meeting at the airport and defend Claude from York's associates.
  • Top Notch: Protect Claude and Jae-Yong Fuk's shipment from the LCPD.

Jae-Yong Fuk

  • Afraid of Getting Wet?: Pick up the drug stashes in buoys and defeat the Lupisellas.
  • Buzz Off: Oversee Jae-Yong's journey via a helicopter and protect him from Lupisellas.

Melvin Powers

  • Star of The Show: Portray Melvin in a bike chase scene for his film.
  • True Love: Track down one of Melvin's one-night stands and bring her back to him.
  • Ahoy Hoy!: Defend Melvin's luxury yacht from attacking gangsters.
  • Contain and Secure: Steal a container from a shipyard and bring it to Melvin while avoiding Albanians.


  • My Wife's My Life - Part 2: Pick up Phyllis' "cousin" from the airport.

Alessandro Urbano

  • Down the Toilet: Drive Alessandro to a meeting and save him from Lupisella ambush.

Jae-Yong Fuk

  • End of The Circle: Kill Jae-Yong Fuk in orders of Alessandro Urbano.

Benny Urbano

  • Hitting The Snitches: Race other curious criminals to an informant and steal a deal.
  • The Ultimate Enforcer: Hit several locations around Liberty City and kill Benny's rivals.
  • Getting Rich: Steal a ton of cash from the Koreans.


  • The Dreaming - Part 2: Enter Giorgio's dream world for a second time.

Alessandro Urbano

  • Joy Ride: Ride with the Angels of Death to fight the Panamanians and escape an ambush.
  • Got Protection?: Ask Vince Nocenti about the protection money.
  • Checkin, Checkout: Raid a hotel controlled by the Panamanians.
  • Out of Patience: Take a ride with Vince Nocenti and then murder him in a quiet place.


  • You Help Me, I Help You: Steal 3 sports cars for Kenny Petrovic.
  • Fire Safety: Save Petrovic's product from his warehouse in flames before it burns down.
  • Stranger Danger: Drive Matfey to a meeting and save him from muggers.

Mary Cummings

  • Grass Root Level: Go to a Panamanian house party and help Mary Gather information.
  • Copycats: Help Mary steal a fellow journalist's research results.
  • Where It Hurts: Chase and kill Mary's biker boyfriend who stole her intel.

Benny Urbano

  • Minding My Own...: Rescue Mary Cummings from the hitmen Benny has sent after her.

Alessandro Urbano

  • Powers Out: Kill Melvin Powers.

Benny Urbano

  • Ctrl, Alt, Delete: Locate the files the FBI have aquired after Melvin's demise and erase any mention of Giorgio and Benny from them.

Michelangelo Lipton

  • The Checklist: Steal a fast car for the heist.
  • The Firepower: Steal weapons for the heist.
  • Heist of The Week: Rob a bank with Michelangelo Lipton.


  • The Dreaming - Part 3: Encounter Mike Lips and warn Benny about the Panamanians.


  • Death's Door: Take Matfey to a hospital while avoiding Petrovic hitmen.

Alessandro Urbano

  • War on The Streets: Defend Messina properties from the Panamanians.
  • Escort Service: Defend Alessandro's car from the Panamanians.
  • Last Wipe: Bomb the Panamanian Cartel's warehouse to wipe them out.
  • Dog Eats Dog: Wipe out the Urbano Family and kill their founder-don Benny Urbano.



  • Limitless: Take Brett to a meeting in time.


  • Plane Spotting: Fly a plane for a plane spotter Hannah.

Elvira Smith

  • Working Gal - Part 1: Take Elvira to her workplace.
  • Working Gal - Part 2: Take Elvira to the train station and lose your wanted level.


  • Cool Wheels - Part 1: Steal Corey a nice car.
  • Cool Wheels - Part 2: Help Corey escape the Cops.
  • Cool Wheels - Part 3: Return the car to its owner.


  • Neill Before Me: Take Neill to the City Hall.


  • Pain(t) in The Ass - Part 1: Help Lloyd get paint so he can paint his house.
  • Pain(t) in The Ass - Part 2: Chase Lloyd.


(Unlocked After the Final Story Mission)
  • Epilogue: Buy Patrick's hotdog stand for 50$.

Side Missions


  • Go Kart Go!: Checkpoint race in Meadows Park
  • Street Sweeper: Checkpoint race in Charge Island.
  • Baggage Handling: Checkpoint Race in Francis International Airport.
  • Bike Colony: Checkpoint Race in Colony Island.
  • Firefly Fun: Checkpoint race in Firefly Island.
  • 'Round the Castle: Checkpoint race in Castle Gardens.
  • Riverside Race: Checkpoint race by the West River.
  • Bohan Sightseers: Chopper checkpoint race over Bohan.
  • Liberty City Race-Balooza '05
    • Circuit 1: Broker.
    • Circuit 2: Dukes.
    • Circuit 3: Northern Algonquin.
    • Circuit 4: Southern Algonquin.
    • Circuit 5: Bohan.
    • Circuit 6: Happiness Island.

Vehicle Missions

  • Vigilante
  • Taxi Driver
  • Paramedic
  • Firefighter
  • Mailman
  • Fisherman


  • Hidden Packages - There are 100 hidden packages scattered around Liberty City. Collect them and unlock weapons at hideouts as you progress.
  • Illegal Campers - Torch the tents of illegal campers around Liberty City.