New Order has over 50 missions within its five chapters.

"Mission Name" - "Given by" / "Given to"

"The Mission briefing"

Chapter One

Happy New Year! - Scott / Morgan, James

The first mission begins on January first 2015, when Scott drives to Morgans house. They want to meet up with their friends so Morgan takes the wheel and Scott goes to the backseat. Morgan drives to James' house and picks him up. They meet up with Jack and Michael. They talk for a moment and suddenly two bikers come around the corner and shoot Jack to the head. James quickly draws his pistol and shoot one of the bikers. The other one drives away. As the group mourns over the death of Jack, James goes to the body of the biker he shot down and finds the bikers wallet. He finds out that the biker is part of Golden Horde of Scandinavia. James drives Morgan, Scott, the body of Jack and Michael to the cemetery. They bury the body and the GTA: New Order trailer plays.

Cooling down - James / Morgan, Scott

The mission begins when Morgan drives to James' house, where he finds James raging about destroying the GHS. Michael tries to calm him down while Scott sits on the couch examining a pistol. James wants to take the battle to the GHS but Michael wants to take it easy.  Michael tells Morgan to train Scott so shoot, while he was still arguing with James. Morgan drives Scott to the outskirts of town and trains Scott to shoot.

Recon to Reconstruction - Scott / Morgan

Morgan visits Scott's shop and asks why Scott is so nervous. Scott tells him that he is scared and that he will be next. Morgan asks why and Scott explains that his shop does not have a lot of costumers so he borrows from a loan shark. Morgan says he will take care of it and walks away. Morgan now gathers information and finds the loan sharks location. Morgan now chases the loan shark on foot. When he finally chases him, he kills the loan shark.

Spreading the NOOSE - Scott / Morgan

Morgan comes to Scott's shop, where Michael is being arrested for murdering the loan shark. Morgan steps up and tells the NOOSE, that he was the one that killed the loan shark. NOOSE lets Michael go and goes closer to Morgan. Morgan runs off and steal one of the NOOSEs vehicles. Morgan now needs to shake off the NOOSE, by driving through narrow alleyways and doing fast turns. After evading the wanted level, Morgan needs to dump the car in the ocean and call Michael to see if he and Scott are okay. Michael says that he and Scott are alright and he is no longer accused of murder.

Clubhouse massacre - Scott / Morgan, James

The mission starts when Morgan meets Scott on the street. Scott tells Morgan that the GHS has wrecked his apartment and that he is scared to go anywhere. Morgan tries to calm Scott down when they hear James' voice in the alley beating somebody. They go to the alley and find that James has gathered information from some guy. James tells them that the guy is part of the GHS. Morgan drives James to the clubhouse of the GHS and they start asking where their leader is. The bikers say that Jack Ladrick is not here and that Morgan and James needs to get out or they will die. James pulls out a pistol and starts shooting them. They both run out of the clubhouse and Morgan needs to drive them out of there. While Morgan drives them away, James needs to shoot the bikers that are following them. After the bikers are dead, Morgan pulls over and lets James out of the car. James thanks Morgan and tells him to meet him tomorrow in his apartment.

Fireworks - James / Morgan

Morgan meets James at James' apartment. James has made a plan to take the GHS out of Liberty City. He needs Morgan to collect explosives from Francis and take them to the GHS' clubhouse, and that he will take care of the rest. Morgan agrees, collects the explosives from Francis and takes them to the GHS' clubhouse. Morgan now calls James to ask when does he get to blow it up, in witch James says: "Soon, enough".

Control, alter and delete - Michael / Morgan, Scott and James

Morgan meets Michael in Michael's workshop. Michael needs Morgan to pick up Scott and take out a rival business of his. Morgan drives to Scott's house and picks up Scott and they head to a building other side of the city. Morgan wanted to smash the windows but Scott got him to use a more subtle way of walking in and threatening the shop keeper. They walk in the store and threaten the owner but the owner says that he remembers Morgan and pulls out a pistol. He tells them that he is part of the GHS. The shop keeper takes Morgan and Scott through the backdoor to an alley. The shop keeper tells them to kneel, but when Morgan said that he wont do it, the shop keeper threatens to shoot him. James slowly walks from the back to disarm the shop keeper while Morgan bought him some time. James took out the shop keeper and killed him. James told them to follow him and they followed him to an abandoned warehouse in witch James had set up his operations. Scott tells them that he needs to go and he left. James told Morgan his idea to blow up the clubhouse of the GHS in which Morgan agreed. Morgan left the warehouse and the mission ends.

Advance - Michael / Morgan

Morgan meets Michael in Michael's workshop. Michael says that he needs Morgan to deliver a truck to a friend of his. Morgan gets the directions and drives the truck to Francis' house. Francis thanks Morgan and tells him to tell Michael that the stuff is almost ready. Morgan asks what stuff, to witch Francis answers just: "Ask Michael".

Search and Destroy - James / Morgan, Scott, Michael

The mission begins when Morgan goes to meet James at the docks. James tells Morgan to pick up Michael and Scott and then meet him near the GHS clubhouse. Morgan picks up Michael and heads to Scott's apartment. Scott was not there so they tried so call him. He did not answer so Morgan and Michael go to meet James. When they meet up with James, James told them that they needed to take down the GHS clubhouse and every remaining GHS member in Liberty City. James and Michael went to a nearby building roof while Morgan walked in the front door. Morgan yelled "Remember me assholes?", this pissed off the GHS members and Morgan ran out of the building and onto the middle of the street. While the GHS was running out of the clubhouse, James triggered the explosives that Morgan had planted there earlier. While police came to the scene, the chased Morgan to a dead end alley. They were going to arrest him, but Scott came around the corner and shot the police. He was helped by James and Michael witch had followed Morgan from rooftop to rooftop. Scott informs them that he was spying the GHS and learned that the GHS had a base is Los Santos. While more police came from a distance, they scatter and the mission ends.

Odd one out - Michael / Morgan

Morgan meets Scott and Michael on the street. Michael and Scott wanted to take the battle to Los Santos to the GHS, but Morgan was skeptical. They convinced Morgan that, that was what they needed to do. Morgan drives them to James, to tell him that he should come with them to Los Santos. James said that he could not go with them, saying that "his life is in Liberty City and he cant leave it when he already got his revenge". The group respected his decision, expect Michael, who tried to convince him to come with them. Eventually he gave up and they went to the airport. The chapter ends when the group (excluding James) goes on the plane.

Chapter 2

Home Sweet Home - Nobody / Morgan, Scott, Michael

The group lands on Los Santos airport and Michael informs them that he had bought a house for them. Morgan drives to Del Perro, Los Santos and drops off Scott. Morgan takes Michael to Rockford Hills to try and find the location of the GHS. Morgan drops Michael off and the mission ends.

In the middle of a war - Scott / Morgan, Scott

Morgan meets Scott at their apartment. Scott wants to show Morgan something and wants Morgan to drive him to Winewood. Scott tells Morgan to leave the car and follow him on foot. They stumble across a drug deal with some members of the GHS. Scott tells Morgan that they all meet here every day at this time, and that they should set up a trap. Morgan agrees and grasps his phone. Right before Morgan would call Michael, members of some other biker gang cruise around the corner and shoot the members of the drug meeting. Morgan and Scott get back to the car and follow the bikers. After a while, two GHS trucks drive towards the bikers and Morgan decides to save them, because they both seem to hate the GHS mutually. The bikers get cornered when the GHS had blocked the road. Morgan and Scott shoot the GHS, save the bikers and they learn that the bikers are part of a gang called "The Lost". They learn that they have a mutual hatred towards the GHS. A Lost member steps up to Morgan and they agree to meet up at Vespucci beach tomorrow. The bikers leave and Scott takes the car and drives off.

Twats and the Lost - Scott / Morgan, Michael

Morgan meets Scott at the streets and Scott tells him that he cant come, because he has businesses to attend. Scott also tells him that he should take Michael with him, since "he does not have any clue of the Lost". Morgan agrees, heads up the apartment and tells Michael to come with him. Morgan takes the car drives Michael to the meeting with the Lost. Morgan explains everything on the way there. In the meeting, the Lost tells Morgan that they need to act fast, because the GHS already has Blaine County under their control. Morgan and the Lost come up with an idea in witch they would take down Gary Jones, the leader of the GHS, by ambushing him on the highway. Morgan now leads the Lost and Michael to the highway near Del Perro. They set an ambush and when Gary drives through, the Lost and Morgan start shooting and following him. Gary's backup cars are destroyed and the plan seems successful. Gary's car catches fire and starts slowing down, but more of the GHS vans start to come from every direction, trapping the Lost and Morgan. After the firefight they notice that Gary got away during the fight, by switching to another vehicle. The member who came up with this plan with Morgan, steps up again and admitting that the plan was poorly executed. He tells Morgan that his name is Ted and gives Morgan his number and call up when he wants to "kick some more ass". The Lost cruises off and the mission ends.

Going to war - Ted - Morgan, Michael, Scott

Morgan calls Ted to meet him on Rockford Hills, to come up with a new plan. Morgan now drives to his apartment and picks up Michael and Scott. Scott tells Morgan to drop him off a few blocks before the destination, so that he could give Morgan backup if things get nasty. Morgan agrees and drops Scott off. Morgan now proceeds to the destination and meets up with Ted and some members of the Lost. Randomly, a Gang Burrito van comes out of nowhere and somebody inside the van shoots at Morgan and the Lost. Only one shot hit, a shot to Teds leg. Morgan asks if Ted is okay and Ted yells to him "Just get those bastards! I'll be alright. GO!" Morgan takes his car and drives after the van. two the Lost bikes follow Morgan and help him to destroy the van. After enough shooting the van, the van catches fire and the driver and the gunman bail out. The van explodes and the Lost takes the driver and the gunman as hostages. Ted comes around with his bike and Morgan asks how he feels and Ted answers "I'm okay when these pieces of shit are in the ground!". Ted then proceeds to the exploded van and scratches some snot out of it and notices the GHS symbol. He then executes the hostages and tells Morgan that they are going to war. Teds foot bleeding everywhere, a member of the Lost helps Ted to an unknown members bikes backseat and the Lost drives off. Morgan tells Michael that they need to talk to Scott about this, on the same instant, Michael's phone rang and he answers it, only to notice that its Francis Berg, his old buddy. Michael tells Morgan that he needs to take this and he leaves. Morgan calls Scott and hears somebody saying on the phone: "Leave the city in two days of hes dead". The man hangs up on Morgan. Soon Scott jumps off a nearby two floor building with some guy. Scott then gets up and says: "Sup?" to Morgan like nothing happened. Scott then explains that the guy who kidnapped him had "bad rope" so he chewed throught it and pushed the guy off the building. Scott then says "See ya around" and leaves casually. The mission ends.

Minor turbulence - Ted - Morgan, Scott

Ted comes to Morgans apartment and he tells them that he needs their help to capture a plane. Ted tells them that "The plane is a vital source of supplies to the GHS in Los Santos". Morgan and Scott drive behind Ted to the airport. Ted tells Morgan "That plane is very important and we need it undamaged. Most of the security officials on that plane are members of the GHS so when they see me and my bike, their gonna get pissed off and shoot me down. So I am going to distract them while you get on that plane. Now go!" Ted now cruises off and shoots against the personnel and the GHS start chasing him. Morgan, along Scott, now enter the plane while the GHS is out chasing Ted. Morgan waits until the plane is lifting off and goes to the cockpit to threaten the pilots but then he notices that the plane is on auto pilot. Morgan goes inform Scott and since both of them are incapable of flying, Morgan calls Ted and tells him that the plane is on auto pilot. Ted tells Morgan to get the auto pilot off, crash the plane and jump out with the parachute. Scott goes to disable the auto pilot and tries to crash it by pressing buttons. Morgan, now outside the cockpit notices that some people stand up with axes and baseball bats intending to highjack the plane. Morgan now fights the people but gets hit by a bat and gets thrown on the floor. Scott comes running out of t he office and stabs the person who hit Morgan, to the back of his neck. Morgan and Scott take the parachutes and jump out of the plane and witness the plane crash landing on Blaine County. After Morgan and Scott parachute to the ground, the mission ends.

Its not war, its a way of life - Ted - Morgan, Michael, Scott

Morgan receives a phone call from Ted, who informs that he is in trouble in Winewood and asks Morgan to come help him. Morgan agrees and he takes his car and drives to Winewood, in witch he discovers that the GHS has rounded up the Lost and is about to execute them. Morgan gets hit to the head and gets knocked down. The GHS knew that he was coming. Soon a truck comes around the corner and the driver starts shooting the GHS. Ted and most of the captured the Lost members run behind a wall, cut themselves free and start shooting. The truck driver comes out of the truck and gives Morgan a hand to stand up. Morgan notices that the truck driver is actually Michael. After a shootout, the GHS members were dead and Ted thanks Morgan and Michael for their help. Ted then asks Morgan to "company" him in a conflict with the GHS. Morgan agrees but Michael disagrees and takes the truck and tells Morgan "This isn't our war. I know that Jack was your best friend but the people who killed him have been dead for a long time. How do we know that the Lost isn't the bad guy here? The GHS has been punished already, we burned their clubhouse down, remember? When are you gonna get it, that we aren't part of this war, were honest men." After this speech, Michael drives away, leaving Morgan thinking if the Lost is actually the bad guy here. Ted tells Morgan "The GHS has killed many people, but so has the Lost. I cant deny that. But the GHS does it for money and power, we do it to take care of people like them.". Morgan agrees with Ted and gets on Teds bike. Ted, Morgan and some members of the Lost now cruise to Blaine County to destroy the GHS' property. Morgan now needs to set explosives to the GHS aircraft, vehicles and buildings, while Ted distracts the GHS. After Morgan has put placed all the explosives, Ted picks him up and they fly away. Morgan detonates the explosives and they enjoy the light show. The mission ends and gives Morgan an ability to call up on Ted and ask for jobs.

Operation: The Completion - Scott - Morgan, Michael and Scott

Morgan meets Scott at their apartment and notices that Michael and Ted are there. Scott explains Morgan that they have come up with an idea to take down the GHS in Los Santos by attacking immediately. Scott tells Morgan to follow Ted and that "he'll show the way". Morgan leaves with Ted and follows Ted to Blaine County. They both go put explosives in the hangar controlled by the GHS. In the middle of the job, Ted is noticed by the GHS and gets captured. Morgan saves him and they both get on Teds bike and drive off. They drive into a blockade made by the GHS. Before they even understand what was happening, Scott and Michael come behind the blockade and shoot the blockaiders. Morgan and Ted go behind the blockade and shoot down the GHS that followed them. Ted gets a call and says "Shit. SHIT!", in witch Morgan asked what was it, Ted answers him: "Garys leaving Los Santos! We have to stop him!... or go after him, if we dont kill him in time. Lets go. GO. GO. GO!". Michael, Scott and Morgan, led by Scott, drive back to Blaine County only to see that Gary is already boarding the plane. Ted drives straight towards him, ran over some bodyguards and gets shot. Michael tells Morgan that he has a plane in the hangar and the group fights off the GHS and drives to the hangar. Michael gets the plane engine working and the others climb in. A random guy with a life grenade in his hand jumps to the wing of the plane. Ted surprises the guy and takes him down, throws the grenade away and kills the guy. He yells at the group: "Its was just a flesh wound! I went limb to surprise them! Now go! You have a plane to catch". The plane gets off and they see Ted waving at them while they lift off. They lost sight of Garys plane, but luckily they had a powerful GPS tracking device to follow Gary without he knowing it. They picked up a radio signal in witch it was revealed that Gary was going to fly to Finland in witch Michael replied: "With that piece of crap?". Morgan and Michael followed Gary for a half an hour, until Gary landed on an unknown airstrip. Morgan flew down the plane a few kilometers away from the airstrip and the game saves.

Operation: The Completion: Part 2

Morgan and Michael go to the airport and go to the bathroom to knoch out some airport personel and took their clothes as a disguise, in witch Michael replies: "This is very cliche-y, but... it may work." They then went throught the airport and near a plane that Gary was boarding onto. Morgan phoned Scott and told him to "Ask Ted if he wants to come... but anyways, were going to Finland. We need to kill this guy... who is he again?... Gary? Maybe..." Morgan then hangs up and they board the plane that Gary went into. Scott texts Morgan that: ""I'll meet up with you in Finland... I got a ride and were coming. See you tomorrow, or some day." Morgan then hears the pilot saying "Please, buckle on your seatbelts". He turns to Michael and says: "Scott told me that he would meet us in Finland. Theres no way out of this anymore. Its go time" The screen goes black and the mission ends.

Chapter 3

Welcome to the country of Christmas! - Morgan - Morgan, Michael, Scott

Morgan gets out of the plane with Michael and says: "Aaah... Finland! The only country that hates everybody from every direction. Russia, Sweden, Estonia and Norway. Anyway; Lets hope we don't get too close to the Finns here. They might be dangerous." Then a guy walks up to them and says: "Come with me. Don't worry, I'm not part of the GHS". The man then takes them on a car ride to the outskirts of the town. They then meet some military personnel. A man comes to him and says: "Hello there, Morgan... and Michael. I am major Johnson". Michael smiles awkwardly and Johnsson says: "Very amusing. This is Marja Korhonen and we have a proposeing for you." He then explains that they need help to destroy the GHS and that the GHS are expecting them, but they are not expecting Morgan. Morgan agrees to help them, and Michael does too, although Michael is a little suspicious. The man who escorded them there, then takes Morgan and Michael to their new home, near the airfield. Scott calls Michael and Michael informs Morgan that Scott will arrive in a matter of days.

An old friend returns... - Johnsson - Morgan, Scott, Michael

Morgan gets a call from Scott that he will land soon. Morgan then tells Michael that he's going to pick Scott up. Michael says that he'll phone Francis and tell him the news. Morgan now drives to the airport and sees Scott walking out of the plane. A GHS car comes trought the gate to the airport and a couple of goons jump out of the car and take Scott as a hostage. Scott then hits his kidnapper to the face and runs off. The other kidnapper takes Scott again and takes him to his car. Morgan now chases these goons around the city and pops the tires of the car. After this, the goons' car chrashes and Scott runs to Morgan. Morgan then opens the drives door and drags the body out. He holds the body at gunpoint and is terrified to notice that its James. James was only faking that he was dead, as he then proceeds to tackel Morgan, take his gun and run off. Scott helps Morgan up and they try to chase James, but he was already gone. Morgan phones MIchael and tells him. Michael just says: "Ok. I hope he isnt a terrorist.". Morgan then hangs up and phones Johnson to tell him. Johnson replies: "This is a turn point. Your previous friendship will be helpfull in this conflict". Morgan hangs up and the mission ends.

Noisestorm - Johnsson - Morgan, Michael

Morgan meets up with Johnsson and he tells Morgan to follow Marja Korhonen, and points at her. Marja comes to Morgan and says: "I am Marja Korhonen, Im here to help you defeat the Golden Horde of Scandinavia and-", Morgan then intterups Marja and says: "Please, just say GHS". Marja then proceeds to say: "As I was saying, I am here to defeat the GHS and kill their leader, Gary Jones.". Morgan tells Marja that they can "continue this outside", and they both walk out and continue talking. Marja gets into Morgans car and Morgan drives out of the town. Marja tells Morgan to go forward a few kilometers in witch Morgan replies: "Kilometers? Say it in American". Now frustraded, Marja tells Morgan to go forward a few miles. After a while, they stop the car and walk out of the road to discover a hidden power plant run by the GHS. Marja then opens her mouth and says: "That there plant gets alot of attention if destroyed. We need to time it right and blow it up when we need to. You get the explosives in there and I will assist you from here." Morgan now proceeds to sneak into the power plant and arm the explosives. Morgan then comes back to Marja and says: "Just tell me when to detonate and I will do it.". Marja says: "Wait until I say so. We need to time it right. Get your thumb out of the button, we wont need it for a while.". Morgan now drives Marja back to town and gets a phone call from Michael. Michael says: "That Johnsson got some work for you. I told him that you are busy, but it seemed important.". Morgan tells Michael to tell Johnsson to contact him immediatly. Morgan pulls over and lets Marja out and the mission ends.

Sneaky bastards - Marja - Morgan, Michael, Scott

Morgan meets Marja at the edge of the town. Michael and Scott are allready there. Marja explaines Morgan their plan to kill Gary Jones (the leader of the GHS). Morgan agrees and takes Michael and Scott with him to a snowy hill and Michael says "Dont worry about them seeing us. This snow will keep care of that. That goes both ways...". The group then sets up their sniper rifles and lay low until two trucks drive towards them, luckily for them, these trucks stop half a kilometer away from them. The group then aim at the trucks and wait for Gary. The snow storm calms down and the group hears a gun reload sound. They look behind them and James is standing behind them with an AK-47 aimed at them. James commands the group to let go of their weapons and start walking. Morgan tells Michael and Scott to let go of their weapons and they obey, then Morgan proceeds to do the same thing. They then stand up and start walking towards the trucks. When they arrive to the trucks they notice Gary and some of his men waiting for them. Gary then says: "Ah... Michael, Scott and... Wilson? Right?". Morgan then notices that James has thought the GHS his nickname. Gary then punches Morgan to the face and knocks him to the ground and says: "That was for helping the Lost". Then he kicks Morgan and says: "and that one's for everything else.". Then one of Garys men shoots other Garys men. James and Gary run to cover and the man throws Michael a pistol. Another truck drives towards them but the man shoots the driver and the truck chrases to the other trucks. Garys men inside the truck get out and start shooting at the group. Meanwhile Scott and Michael help Scott up and they go to cover. Now theres a firefight against Garys men in witch Gary and James manage to escape but the group survives. The man takes off his hat and its revealed that the man was actually Marja. She then calls for a pickup and a helicopter arrives. The group and Marja get in the helicopter and they fly off.

Michael then notices a man in the snow and Morgan notices the man too. Morgan jumps out of the helicopter furiosly, to the man while the helicopter makes a U-turn. While the U-turn is made, Morgan notices that a tail of blood is leading to this man. The man is limbing away and Morgan yells at him: "Turn around you bastard". The man raises his hand up and Morgan notices he has a button in his hand. The man presses the button and an relatively small missile comes out of nowhere and hits the helicopter. The helicopter chrashes 30 meters away from them. The man turns around and Morgan is shocked to see that its James. James is limbing from his left leg, blood all over his leg and face. James yells at Morgan: "We both know that only one of us is going to get out of here alive. I know youre smart, but please spare me outh your "We can get out of this together" bullshit. Now... lets end this!" James then twists his leg and there is cracking like sound. James could now walk normally. James takes out his rifle and throws it away. Morgan does the same. James then says: "I cant go back. We both know that. This will be our last fight. Lets make it remember-able!"

Morgan now runs towards James but James dodges it in the last second and Morgan flies to the snow. James then grabs Morgan from the snow and punches him in the face. Morgan releases himself from James and pushes James away. Morgan and James fight for a while until Morgan lies on the ground and James is on top of him trying to choke him. Then Michael crawls out of the chrashed helicopter and notices a tossed rifle in front of him and also notices James choking Morgan. Michael fastly grawls forward and grabs the rifle. He then aims it to James and hesitates. He then proceeds to shoot James but does it sadly. James falls to the ground in pain since the bullet only hit his shoulder. Michael then runs to Morgan and helps him up and says: "Heres an idea: When you have a gun, use it! Also, Im tired of lifting you up all the time."

Michael gives his rifle to Morgan and runs back to the chrashed helicopter to look for survivors. James gets up and says to Morgan: "Only one of us is getting out of this alive. Its either me... or you. ". Morgan then aims his rifle against James and James backs up. Michael comes out of the helicopter with Scott and Marja and they all aim their guns at James. James then says: "I did this for, haha, fuck that shit. I did this for myself! The GHS was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. After Jacks death this group hasnt been normal. All we have done is fight GHS, fight GHS, and fight fight fight. Im tired of it! I found out why they killed Jack in the first place. Its because they had to prove to Jack... Ladrick I mean, that they are worthy to join the GHS. They let me in very easily. They let me in even thought I was their enemy. Thats why I stayed at Liberty City and thats why-" Marja interups James and says: "You are a terrorist. Im here to take care of Gary. And since Gary isnt here, you will do. Just. FINE!". Morgan, who is very close to James, pushes James out while Marja shot tried to shoot him, but hit Morgan instead. Scott ran to Morgan to check if he was okay while Michael took Marjas weapon and knocked her out. James gets up and comes to Morgan and says: "Wilson? Wilson!". Then Morgan passes out and the rest of the group starts to argue.

Morgan wakes up on a back of a GHS truck with James driving, Scott on the front seat and Michael on the backseat, with Morgan. Michael says: "Hes awake! Dont worry, were going to the hospital, youre going to be okay.". Morgan passes out again and wakes up in a hospital. He notices a nurse stiching up James'es wound at the back of the room, while Scott and Michael sit next to him. Scott then tells Morgan: "We drove you to a hospital-" James then clears his throat. Scott continues: "I mean, James here... drove you to the hospital. We thought you wouldnt have made it. That shot went throught your lung. Its a miracle that you survived." James then tells the nurse to leave them alone and says to the nurse: "I'll be okay. Go now. We have matters to discuss.". James then comes to Morgan and asks: "We cool? I know I shouldnt have stayed at Liberty City, but I did it in good purposes. Ladrick was old, and I was trusted amongst their ranks so I thought I could take Jacks place when he died, but I couldnt leave anymore, they were my family. A shitty family but you know still... family. I thought-". Morgan interups James and says: "We cool". Then James smiles and Morgan asks: "Wait... what did you do with Marja?". Michael looks suprised and James and Scott look at him angrily. James then says angrily to Michael and says: "You did kill her... right?". Michael says: "Um...". Then the camera cuts away to the snowy hills that the fight was going on. Marja wakes up and the mission ends.

... and then theres this guy - James - Morgan, Scott, Michael, James

Morgan sees Marja and three other agents on the street aiming at James. James quickly notices Morgan and tells him: "I know I was a bad person. I know that I made a bad decision when I joined GHS, but you believe that Im a good person right?". Morgan then steps in and says: "Wow, wow. WOW! Marja, dont. James is a good guy.". Morgan then proceeds to walk infront of James. "James is a good guy. I know he made some bad decisions, but I know that he is a good guy.". "BULLSHIT!", Marja yells and Michael walks behind Marja and asks: "Whats going on here?". Marja points her pistol on Michael and says to the other agents: "This is the bastard that hit me.". While the other agents backs were turned, James pulled out his gun and pointed it at Marja. The agents turned to James and Michael pulled out his pistol also. Now two of the agents point against Michael and one of the agents and Marja point against Morgan and James. Morgan trys to calm the situation by saying: "WOW! Everybody calm the fuck down!". James says calmly to Morgan: "Wilson. Do me a favor and... move aside.". Scott walks casually to the situation from Michaels side and asks: "Whats going on? James... what did you do?". "Haha, very funny, Scott.", James replies. "Michael", James says. "Remember back in Liberty City when we destroyed Jack Ladricks clubhouse?". "Dont play your mind games with us, JAMES! I know all off your tricks. I know every. Single. one.", Marja yells at James. There is a moment of silence and Michael shoots one of the agents, while James shoots one agent too, but also shoots Marjas gun of her hand. The remaining agent is shot from unknown origins. By a sniper from a distance. Morgan then runs behind a nearby parked car and Michael and Scott back off behind the corner where they turned to the situation originally. James casually walks to Marja and waves at the direction of the sniper. James then pushes Marja to the ground. Morgan yells at James: "Get down or your dead!". James then calmly answers Morgan: "Dont worry. I got this.". The sniper walks from the distance and its revealed that its Ted. Ted then says to Morgan: "Long time no see? Your friend here is one thought son of a bitch.". Ted then explains that he pumped into James on an airplane to Finland, and that James and he were friends. Michael and Scott come back from around the corned while Ted gives out his speech. They all run away from closing police sirens. James then turns back and lifts up Marja and runs back with the groups

The group ran away from the cops and into an alleyway. James comes in last and drops Marja to the ground and says: "What are we going to do with this bitch?". Michael gives his pistol to Morgan and says: "You should have the honor, since you were the one who she shot." Morgan gives Michael a smile and takes the pstol. James interups Marjas execution by saying: "Wow wow wow! Take it easy. This is an revenge, not a gang rape.". He then gives Morgan a silenced and Morgan attaches it to his gun. Marja says to Morgan: "You wont get away with this!". In witch Morgan answers: "I allready did" and shoots Marja. The camera cuts away and the mission ends.

Relocateing - James - Morgan, James, Scott, Michael

Morgan comes to his appartment and notices the couch flipped and the James laying there with a small buddle of blood. Morgan runs to James and tries to wake him up. Then suddently the closet opens up and Michael coming out drunk with a bottle of beer. He then says: "Morgaaan! You finally came here!". "Come out with your hands up!" yells a police man outside the window. Morgan peeks out the window and says: "Shit...". They hear a gun clicking sound and turn around. James stands up with a pistol and says: "Meet me in the harbor!", he says and throws his pistol to Morgan. He then goes to the closet where Michael came from and comes out with a AK-47, saying: "Its time.". He then runs down the stairs and into the yard. He runs around the house and fires against the police. Michael says to Morgan: "You heard him, lets go to the dock. He has a plan. He allways has.". Morgan agrees and they run throught the same yard as James and see James driving off with a dozen cop cars on his tail. Morgan drives Michael to the dock, while the police follow them.

They ditch the car and run to the end of the pier. The police tell them to drop their weapons, in witch Michael and Morgan agree and drop their weapons. They hear a boat sound and James comes from a distance and drives through the pier, splitting it in half. He tells Morgan and Michael to come on board. They drive off into the sea and the camera panels away.

The boat runs out of fuel and Morgan yells at James: "You didnt check that this piece of shit had enought gas!?". "Hey, I needed to get away as fast as possible, sorry that I didnt have enought time to gas up!". Scott comes from under the deck and says: "Hey, hey hey, HEY! Chill out! James saved us all. Give him a break." Morgan, seeing Scott, asks: "When the hell did you come here?". Scott says: "I saw a madman rampageing throught the town with the police on his tail, so I figured it was James, so I jumped from a roof to his car.": Michael asks: "Wheres the nearest coffee shop? Im thirsty.". James opens a secret latch and takes out a bottle of booze and says: "Right here!": They all drink until they pass out and wake up the next morning.

The following morning the boat had chrashed on land. Michael wakes up and says: "Were here. In the middle of nowhere." The others wake up and they go into the forrest until they come across a road. Michael asks: "Any idea where we are?". James replies by saying: "Somewhere up north.". They wait for a car to come by for half an hour, until James comes up with an idea and takes his phone out. "You had that all this time!?", Morgan asks. "Shut up, I got an idea." James replies. James calls 911 but no one picks up. Scott says:"If youre calling 911, then you need to dial 112, were in Finland, remember?". James looks at Scott and says: "Shut up": He then dials 112, and says: "I dont have alot of time to talk, they have us locked up in some sort of crate. I dont have alot time to talk before the-" James then shoots to the ground with his pistol, drops the phone to the ground and makes hand gestures for the others to be quiet. The call ends after half a minute and Jame says: "They will come here soon, and then we will have our guns, ammo and equipment to move forward." Scott says: "Couldnt you just call Ted?". Jame says: "Hes in america, stupid". "Dont you remember, he came to Rovaniemi yeasterday." James then remembers and says: "Oh yeah. I was drunk, I couldnt have possibly remembered that.". He then calls Ted and asks him to track them down and come pick them up. Ted agrees and says he will be there shortly.

After an hour, Ted arrives with his van and says: "Hi there you bums. Have you seen four desperate idiots anywhere?". "Ha ha, very funny" says Morgan. James comes to sit next to Ted, while the others climb into the back of the van." They drive foward for 25 minutes and cops pull them over. Ted rolls down his window and asks whats the problem. The police man says: "We got a call for a kidnapping, open up the backdoors." James pulls out his pistol, points it at the police man, while anolher cop pulls him out of the car. Ted proceeds to open the backdoors and Morgan, Michael and Scott run out of the van and attack the cop. The other cop holds James as a hostage and says: "I wouldnt do that if I were you". James then punches the cop in the loin and takes him as a hostage and says to Morgan: "Proceed". They beat up the cop while James handcuffs the other cop up and throws him into the cop car. Ted asks: "So where do you wanna go?". Morgan replies by saying: "I think we can all agree that we cant go back to Rovaniemi, the GHS is in the east, Sweden is in the west.... I say we go north, to Norway and start new lifes there" Michael agrees, as does Scott, in witch James says: "What do you think youre doing!? We came all this way, and now you wanna quit? GHS*es headquarters isnt far from here, we can kill them off, once and for all.". Ted sides with James and says: "James is right, we need to do this, not just for us, but for everybody. Those terrorists arent like any other terrorist group: They are afraid! They arent suicide bombers. Theyre afraid! They camp out in a little shed, and youre too much of pussies to take them out!?. Morgan, I understanded that you wanted revenge. I got people here, we can do this! So whos with me!?" Morgan and Michael agree that thats their best solution. Scott is uncertain for a minute but agrees. They travel east, while the camera zooms away and the mission ends.



There are many sidemissions in New Order, such as:

Shop keeping - Chapter 1

In "Shop Keeping", Scott needs to destroy property of other business'es and keep his under control. Scott will resive costumers witch in turn, makes Scott money. There are many ways of making profit, such as: destroying other business'es advertisement and replacing them with your own, sabotageing others, buying advertisements, such as: bench, buss, internet and wall advertisements.

Gunslinger - Chapter 1

After the mission "Spreading the NOOSE", Morgan can call Francis Berg, to deliver weapons around Liberty City, to Francises customers. The missions give Morgan usually around $500 - $2 000.

Teds hot line - Chapter 2

After the mission "Its not war, its a way of life", Morgan can call Ted, witch opens up a new sidemission, "Teds Hotline", in witch Morgan need to help the Lost, by doing various tasks, such as: Help the Lost in fights against the GHS, LSPD or other gangs, deliver equipment to the Lost or sabotage the GHS. These missions usually earn the player around $1 000 - $5 000.

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