Moffat Brothers
Locations: Los Santos
Leader: Bernie Moffat
Type: Drug Dealer Gang
Enemies: Christian Bell
Colors: Brown
Weapons: SMG
Businesses: Drug dealing
Fronts: Moffat Mansion (Richman)

Moffat Brothers are characters in Los Santos Chronicles - Deadly Discords, apperaing as minor antagonists.


Moffat brothers were 9 brothers dealing drugs in Los Santos.

Christian Bell, a music mogul and drug addict, owed them a lot of money, so the arranged a meeting to settle their differences. Bell and his assistant Penelope Cash arrived in Moffat mansion, but after the brothers tried to kill them, Cash murdered them all to defend her boss.


  • Bernie Moffat (Deceased)
  • Ernie Moffat (Deceased)
  • Kearney Moffat (Deceased)
  • Tad Moffat (Deceased)
  • Pat Moffat (Deceased)
  • Brad Moffat (Deceased)
  • Terry Moffat (Deceased)
  • Perry Moffat (Deceased)
  • Harry Moffat (Deceased)

Mission Appearances

Deadly Discords

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