"It is difficult to say exactly why this unusual vehicle was created. But this is not a problem for such an inventive person as you are, right? Now you can conquer the mountain ranges, climbing the steepest slopes, or explore the architectural ensembles of Los Santos in close proximity to this walls. And if you equip this transport with all necessary, it can be transformed into an excellent portable position."
―Coil Labs USA description.

The Coil Monster Brawler is a monster truck featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Cybercrisis update.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The car appears as a modified version of the Brawler. The vehicle body looks the same as its original version on top of a custom monster truck chassis. On the tires we can see the metal covering.

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Grand Theft Auto Online


Despite its size, the Monster Brawler's tyres can stick to any surface. The vehicle can ride on walls and mountains without taking the wheels off the surface. It can even stop at the "ceiling" and hang there upside down. At any time, the driver can activate the mechanism (similar to the one that the Ruiner 2000 or Arena War Vehicles have) and jump off the wall.


The armor upgrades adds light armor plated panels to the vehicle. Thanks to the panels, snipers will be more difficult to hit the driver when the Brawler is on the wall.


The Monster Brawler has several weapons to purchase:

  • Operated by the driver:
    • Classic machine gun on the front.
    • Proximity mines.
  • Operated by the passenger offering a 360 degree coverage:
    • 7.62 Minigun on the top.
    • Grenade launcher on the top.
    • Onboard sniper rifle with infinite ammo that will allow the passenger to eliminate ground targets while the car is on the wall.


Grand Theft Auto Online

  • Can be developed in the Coil Laboratory for $1,850,000.