Montana Gang
Games: Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone
Locations: New Hamilton City
Leader: Tommy Montana
Type: Criminal Organisation
Enemies: Jones Crime Family

Acconi Family
Silvano Family
Hamilton City Triads
Radamir Bratva
Las Tormentas
Southside Kings

Affiliations: Branston Irish Mob

Antonelli Family
Korean Mob

Colors: Black
Vehicles: Player's Choice
Weapons: Player's Choice
Businesses: Player's Choice
Fronts: Player's Choice
Members: Tommy Montana

Mark Valve
Corey Jones
Gerrald Bell
Player's Choice

The Montana Gang is the gang founded by Tommy Montana the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone.


The gang was founded in 1999, after Tommy's split with the Jones Crime Family. It started out small, with only three initial members. Over the course of Danger Zone's events, the Montana Gang initiates more members and gains more fronts. In a very quick time, it becomes one of the most powerful gangs in New Hamilton City