Most Wanted is list of minor criminals in Grand Theft Auto: Mission Package. These characters can be terminated by protagonists.

For the original concept, see Most Wanted in GTA Wikia.

Ways to Terminate

Killing is standard way, but arrest/capture is also possible. If you doing this, you need to get/use stun gun(police outfit is optional). Use stun gun to criminal, and bring him/her(Principal offender) to police station. But stun gun is only collectible in police stations, not Ammu-Nation. Arrest can obtain more prize than killing and instant Police Bribes points.

Capture is same with arrest, but you can bring them to specific location so other criminal(s) can accomplish his own purpose. More prize than arrest, of course, but sometimes you can obtain wanted level(s).


※ Most Wanted of GTA4 and characters from other series/games are used.
Dodgerblue text = Can be capture
Lime text = Client who want to capture them

Vice City

  • Hector Saddler - Gang Related Violence
    Own gang

Los Santos

  • Adelita Sorvez - Drug Delivery
    Los Santos Vagos
  • Pablo Estevarro - Drug Trafficking, Arms Dealing, Racketeering, etc.
    Valdez Cartel / SAPD
    Parody of Pablo Escobar. Parodied name was quoted from Golgo 13.
  • 'Big Foot' Howard Yales
  • Ringo Watkins

San Fierro

  • Dr. Iwao Zetsuzaki - Drug Trafficking, Illegal Surgery
    Associate of Yakuza / San Fierro Triads
    Dr. ZitZaki in GTA2.

Las Venturas


  • Viktor Reznov

Liberty City