Game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Troubles
For Mario Campanelli
Location Pershing Square, Los Santos, San Andreas
Protagonist Mario Campanelli
Conditions of mission failure



Bigbrudda dies

Capanini dies

Car is destroyed




Unlocks Start All Over Again
Unlocked By In the Beginning

My Name Is is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Troubles given to protagonist Mario Campanelli. The mission starts immediately after the opening cutscene.


Mario escapes from jail and drives to Glen Park to pick up Bigbrudda and Capanini. They then have to go to the Pay 'n Spray to get rid of a four-star wanted level. They then go to El Corona.

Mission Objectives

  • Get in the police car out front
  • Go to Glen Park
  • You have a four-star wanted level. Go to the Pay 'n Spray immediately.
  • Go to your house in El Corona.


The rewards for completing this mission are:

  • An increase in respect and the mission Start All Over Again is unlocked.
  • The player can now save their game.
  • Players can now save vehicles in the garage.