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Locations: Little Phuket
West Side Little Phuket
Leader: Unknown
Type: Thai Street gang
Enemies: Kloud Krew
Open/Close MC
Affiliations: iCentral Hoods
Colors: Varies
Vehicles: Esperanto
Weapons: SMG
Micro SMG
Baseball Bat
Businesses: Drug Dealing
Arms Trafficking
Vehicle Trafficking
Members: Unknown

The Nakleng is a Thai Street Gang operating in Caldwell and currently affiliated with the iCentral Hoodlums.


The Nakleng are generally a neutral gang to anyone not considered an enemy and as such the player can shoot their weapons while on Nakleng territory to their hearts content and won't attack them from doing so.

The leader of Nakleng meets with Tristan when he is seeking protection, but the leader refuses when Tristan is able to secure enough cash to pay him but offers him his luck.


The Nakleng has no sent gang colours but are mostly seen in groups of three talking or walking along the streets. They also use Esperantoes, Clovers, and Washingtons as their gang vehicle which normal has Nakleng written on the doors.

Mission appearances


  • Nakleng is Thai for Gangster.