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Nessa Van de Corput
Nessa Van de Corput
Appearance(s): The After Dark Scene
Also known as: Vanessa
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Date of birth: June 16, 1980
Nationality: German
Family: Armin Van de Corput

Joel Van de Corput
Remy Van de Corput

Vehicle(s): Übermacht Sentinel XS
Voiced by: Sibel Kekilli
Nessa Van de Corput, formerly Nessa Dorothe, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series appearing as a supporting character in The After Dark Scene. Going through a rough life of debt and debauchery, coupled with an injurious husband, spoiled daughters, and juvenile son, Nessa is trying her hardest to keep afloat in a tug of war in the night life.


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