Network Crime
For: Mikhael Hussels
Target: Vice City Internet Cafe, Vice Point
Conditions of mission failure: Player busted, failure to hack any of 3 web sites.
Reward: $5000
Unlocks: Dance to Hell


Unlocked by: Less Talking, More Killing

I'll see what the earth had.

- Mikhael Hussels while hacking the site.

Network Crime is a 16th Story mission on Grand Theft Auto: Vice Strips given by Shawn Mossrans via a phone call.


Mikhael got a call from Shawn to hack the following 3 websites. Shawn said that he will be on internet cafe on the Vice Point to accompany Mikhael. Then, Mikhael managed to get into the Vice City Internet Cafe on Vice Point and meet Shawn. He instructs Mikhael to hack the website remotely using Shawn's laptop. Then Mikhael beginning to hack the 3 websites, filling the hack meter. After hacking all the 3 websites, Shawn had to pick up Mikhael to his home, while being chased by VCPD police officers. Eventually, Mikhael bailed out from the car and getted to his apartment, thus finalizing the mission.

Mission objectives

  • Go to the Vice City Internet Cafe in Vice Point
  • Fill the hack meter by hacking all the 3 websites
  • Police are going to come! Follow Shawn to his car quickly.


  • It is possible to prevent wanted stars appearing after hacking some sites by entering the "Never Wanted" cheat.
  • The following websites are hacked and inaccessible after this mission:
  3. (still possible to date via cell phone)
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